It was a cold winter day and Poor Mountain Father wished spring would come soon because he was very bored. He was used to working outdoors but lately it has been too cold to do anything. Instead, he spent a lot of time in his barn, working on a very special project for his wife.

“Poor Mountain Mother,” said Poor Mountain Father, putting his boots, hat, scarf and coat on. “Are you sure you don’t want to come out and help me with the firewood?”

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Mother, grabbing her coat and boots. “Okay, I will come help.”

Poor Mountain Father took Poor Mountain Mother into the barn. There, standing in the middle of the barn was a desk that Poor Mountain Father had made himself.

“Oh wow!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother, running her hand over the top of the smooth finish. “It is beautiful.”

“I made this for you,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“This is absolutely beautiful,” said Poor Mountain Mother, giving Poor Mountain Father a kiss on his cheek.

Poor Mountain Mother loved her new desk. She used it every day when she wrote in her journal. Her neighbours all commented highly on it. In fact, they wanted Poor Mountain Father to make one for them.

Soon, Poor Mountain Father was spending most of his days in the barn working on desks that his neighbours had ordered. Wintertime was soon over and spring finally came.

“Boy working on all those desks sure made the winter go fast,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I’ve already got an order to make enough to keep me busy for next winter too.”

“You have made over a thousand dollars this past winter,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“We should take a trip,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“But when will we be able to go anywhere,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “You are busy all year now.”

“True,” said Poor Mountain Father, laughing.

“To think you were so bored at the start of this past winter,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Now you don’t even have time to take a trip.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to receive something handmade.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Father made Poor Mountain Mother a handmade desk. She loved it.

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