Angela’s Adventure

Walking along the street, Angela found her way to the playground. She could see several children playing on the swings and other playground equipment. Angela could see the smiles on their faces and she could hear the happy sound of laughter emulating from them.

“Sob, sob, sob,” Angela heard, coming from behind a huge oak tree, just ahead of her.

“Oh dear,” said Angela, peering behind the tree to see a little girl, head in her lap, sobbing. “What seems to be the matter little one?”

The girl at first did not answer her. Angela saw that behind the tears, the girl was very pretty with long brown hair and big green eyes.

“Some big kids stole my doll,” cried the little girl, after a few minutes. “They said that I was a sissy for playing with dollies.”

“I see,” said Angela. “How old are you?”

“I’m five,” said the little girl.

“Well, I don’t think that a five-year-old girl is a sissy for playing with dollies at all.”

“You don’t!” exclaimed the girl, eyes as wide as saucers.

“Not at all,” said Angela. “As a matter of fact, I have some dolls that I still play with.”

“You play with dollies, too,” said the little girl, surprised.

“Yes I do,” said Angela. “I love dollies. I have one special dolly that I love the most. Suzie has a beautiful blue dress and big blue eyes.”

“Suzie,” said the little girl. “That’s my name!”

“It is!” exclaimed Angela. “That’s a very pretty name. So, Suzie, tell me what your dolly looks like.”

“My dolly has blue jeans, a cowboy hat and a vest,” said Suzie. “She even has cowboy boots on. She is really pretty.”

“I bet she is,” said Angela.

Just then, a group of older kids walked by Angela and Suzie.

“There’s my dolly!” exclaimed Suzie. “There’s my Patsy!”

Angela saw the doll, in the crook of one of the older boys’ arm.

“He’s hurting Patsy!” cried Suzie. “She doesn’t like to be held like that!”

Angela walked over to the group of older kids. There were three boys who were trying to act like teenagers, but clearly could not have been more than 10 years old.

“Excuse me,” said Angela politely to the boy who still had a firm grip on Suzie’s doll. “I was just wondering what you would find so interesting about some little girl’s doll.”

“Oh, this old thing,” said the boy, a little intimidated. “I don’t find it interesting at all.”

“Well then perhaps you would like to give it back to the little girl behind that tree over there,” said Angela pointing to where Suzie sat.

“I guess I could,” said the boy. “However, I don’t want to.”

“I would suggest that you go over there right now and give the doll back to the little girl,” said Angela, sternly.

“Why? What are you going to do if I don’t?” asked the boy, boldly.

“I’m going to tell all your friends that you like to play with dollies,” said Angela, smiling.

The boy needed no more coaxing. In a matter of seconds, he was on his way to give Suzie back her doll. After depositing the doll safely in Suzie’s arms, the boy turned to where Angela stood. However, Angela wasn’t there. All the boy could see was a trail of angel dust leading up to the sky.

“Did you see that?” exclaimed on of the other boys in the group. “She was an angel!”

“My guardian angel,” said Suzie to herself, hugging her dolly and looking at the trail of dust in the sky as they slowly disappeared. “Thank you!”

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