“Oh, it is such a beautiful morning!” exclaimed Ma.

Ma stood at the kitchen counter looking out the window. It was autumn and the leaves had just started to change colour.

“You know, Ma,” said Pa. “I’ve got a whole bushel of apples down in the root cellar. How would you like to make some of your famous applesauce?”

“Oh Pa,” Ma sighed. “I just made a big batch last week. Don’t you think that we have enough for this winter?”

“We might,” said Pa, smiling.

“Alright Pa,” said Ma. “What the devil are you up to?”

“Well,” said Pa. “I took a jar of your famous applesauce down to the general store yesterday. Mr. Foster loved it so much that he has placed an order for 50 jars of it.”

“Fifty jars!” exclaimed Ma.

“Yes, fifty jars,” said Pa. “Ma, I knew that your applesauce was going to make us rich some day.”

“Here you go, Pa,” said Ma, handing Pa an apple peeler. “Let’s get to work!”

For the rest of that day, Ma and Pa peeled and boiled apples. That evening, they sat at the kitchen table and looked proudly at the outcome.

The next day, Pa took the jars of applesauce into town with him. Mr. Foster was very pleased with them. In fact, he was so pleased that he ordered another hundred jars.

“One hundred jars!” exclaimed Ma, when Pa told her that evening. “Well, the extra money is going to come in handy.”

Both Ma and Pa sat up for most of the night peeling and boiling apples again.

“You know, Ma,” said Pa. “You should go into business for yourself.”

“Do you think so?” asked Ma. “I’ve often thought about it.”

“You could use the money that Mr. Foster has paid you,” said Pa. “You could sell your applesauce and your preserves.”

“And my quilts,” said Ma. “And, Pa, you could sell your wooden games and toys.”

“Yes, I could,” said Pa. “You know, this is a good idea. We could put up a small stand at the end of the driveway. We could have it operating by next spring.”

“Oh Pa,” said Ma, quite excited. “That would be perfect.”

“Well,” said Pa, as he finished peeling the last apple. “We are going to have a very busy winter ahead of us.”

“Oh yes,” said Ma. “I’ve got plenty of quilts to make and lots of preserving to do.”

“I got some new toys that I want to try out,” said Pa.

Ma and Pa both worked very hard that winter getting everything ready for their stand. By that spring, they were ready to start selling their goods.

“How’s it going?” Pa asked Ma one day, shortly after they opened their stand.

“Great!” exclaimed Ma. “We are going to have an even busier winter this time around.”

“Oh good!” exclaimed Pa. “That’s what I like to hear!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Some hobbies are good ways to start a home business.
  • Example: Ma’s homemade applesauce and her quilts started her home business.

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