In a field in the mountains of British Columbia, buttercups grow like wild fire. Bright yellow dots can be seen in each direction for miles. It is actually a very pretty sight to see. However, this story is not about the buttercups growing in the field. This story is about what lives among the buttercups.

Among the buttercups lives a family of deer. Now, this family of deer are kind of a special family of deer. This family of deer have lived among the buttercups for many generations. In fact, this family of deer are one of the oldest family of deer on our planet.

What makes this family of deer so special and why has this family of deer lasted for so many generations? It all boils down to the buttercups. See, the deer love the buttercups. They love the sheer beauty of them. The deer live in harmony with each other. They are happy with one another. They don’t fight and argue. They help each other out.

Imagine being happy all of the time. Imagine not having to fight and argue and imagine being offered help whenever when need it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a field of buttercups?


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to enjoy nature.
  • Example: Buttercups are a beautiful form of nature that we can appreciate.
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