Poor Mountain Sister sat in her room, reading her book. She couldn’t really concentrate on it because she had other things on her mind. Tomorrow was her birthday and she was very excited about it. Her mother and father had promised her a birthday party.

She thought about how pretty she was going to look at her birthday party in her new dress that Poor Mountain Mother had just sewn for her. She thought about her friends and how she was going to have so much fun with them. She thought about the food and the birthday cake. Oh, Poor Mountain Sister was so excited she couldn’t think of anything else.

The next morning Poor Mountain Sister got up very early in the morning. She wanted to be the first one in the shower. She had to have lots of time to get ready. Today was her very special day.

“Where is Poor Mountain Mother?” Poor Mountain Sister asked Poor Mountain Father, getting herself a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Usually Poor Mountain Mother was up bright and early. Usually Poor Mountain Mother was sipping on a cup of coffee and glancing at the newspaper. However, this morning, Poor Mountain Mother was not there.

“She is sick today,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I told her to stay in bed for a little while longer.”

“She’s sick?” asked Poor Mountain Sister, very concerned for her Mother.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “She is running a high fever and she is very weak. I think she has the flu.”

“Oh no,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “That is terrible.”

Poor Mountain Sister went up to her room and very carefully she hung her new dress back up in the closet. She knew that she would not be having her birthday party now that Poor Mountain Mother was sick and there was no sense in being disappointed or angry. It wasn’t Poor Mountain Mother’s fault that she got sick.

“Why are you hanging up your new dress?” asked Poor Mountain Father. “We’re still having your birthday party.”

“Really,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “But what about Poor Mountain Mother?”

“She is the one that wants us to go ahead with it,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“You know what,” said Poor Mountain Sister, closing the door on her closet. “I’d like to wait until Poor Mountain Mother gets over the flu.”

“You know something,” said Poor Mountain Father, wiping a tear from his eye. “You are such a good girl. Once Poor Mountain Mother gets better, we’ll have the best birthday party for you.”

“Sure,” said Poor Mountain Sister.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to have patience.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Mother got sick on Poor Mountain Sister’s birthday. Poor Mountain Sister decided to wait to have her birthday party once Poor Mountain Mother was better.
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