“Sparky!” exclaimed Baby.  “You are going to get yourself into all kinds of trouble today, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Sparky.

“Oh yes you do,” said Baby.  “Don’t think I didn’t see you in Jenny’s room just now!”

“No I wasn’t!” exclaimed Sparky.  “I was in Mommy and Daddy’s room.”

“You are so silly,” said Baby.  “You’re lucky they didn’t catch you in there.”

“Mommy put me in there,” said Sparky.

“She did,” said Baby.   “I wonder why?”

“Because she loves me,” said Sparky.

“No kidding,” said Baby.  “Everyone in this whole house knows that Mommy loves you the best.  You are spoiled.”

“Oh well,” said Sparky.  “Someone has to be spoiled and since I’m the cutest and the youngest, I guess that’s why.”

“Mommy feels sorry for you,” said Baby.

“Sorry for me?” asked Sparky.  “Why?”

“Well, when you first came here you were pretty sick” said Baby.  “Mommy thought you were going to die.  You were coughing really bad and you slept all the time.  You even had a fever.”

“I did,” said Sparky.  “I don’t even remember that.”

“I remember it,” said Baby.  “We all thought you were going to die.  Mommy and Daddy took you to the vet and they got some antibiotics for you.  You were feeling much better within a day or so.”

“Gee,” said Sparky.  “I don’t remember any of that.”

“Anyway,” said Baby.  “That’s why Mommy loves you so much.”

“Mommy loves you too,” said Sparky.

“Not as much as she loves you,” said Baby.  “If anything ever happened to you, Mommy would be so sad.”

“She’d be just as sad if something happened to you,” said Sparky.

“Anyway,” said Baby.  “Here comes Daddy!  He’s home from work.”

Daddy left the door open for a minute longer than usual and Sparky saw it and dashed outside as fast as she could.

“Sparky!” screamed Daddy, who just saw the tail end of Sparky going outside.  “Get back here!”

Daddy put his lunch box down on the chair and went outside to get Sparky.

“Sparky!” Daddy called.  “Come on!”

Sparky had never been outside before and she kind of liked it.  The long green grass felt good on her short little paws.

“Come on Sparky!” exclaimed Daddy.  “If anything ever happens to you, Mommy would kill me!  Mommy loves you the most and if she ever lost you, she would be really sad!”

Just then Mommy pulled into the driveway.

Sparky went right over to where she was getting out of the car.

“What is Sparky doing outside?” asked Mommy, bending down to pick Sparky out.

“She got out,” said Daddy.  “I  tried to get her but of course she would only come for you.  Well, I’m just glad that we got her.  I know you would have been really sad if anything ever happened to Sparky.”

“Yes,” said Mommy, petting Sparky on the head.  “I love Sparky!”

“Gee,” said Sparky.  “Baby is right.  Mommy does love me the most.  I guess I’d better not try to get outside again.”

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