Travelin’ Rick Goes to BC

Hello everyone. I sure hope you all had a good summer vacation and are looking forward to getting back to school. This summer I had a wonderful vacation. I went to British Columbia.


BC Border – Photograph #1

Rocky Mountains – Photograph #2

Mountain Sheep – Photograph #3

Apricot Tree – Photograph #4

Forest Fire – Photograph #5

Hope Slide – Photograph #6


British Columbia is the most western province in Canada. See Photograph #1, which shows a picture of the BC border. I arrived at the BC border on a beautiful morning of July 13, 2004. While in BC I saw a lot of trees, mostly pine trees. From what I could see there was not a shortage of trees in BC at all. The first thing I noticed was the smell of the pine trees. It was a wonderful feeling to smell the BC pines.

BC is home to the Rocky Mountains (see Photograph #2) and is also home to many species of animals. I was very fortunate to see many different animals on my trip. I saw a mountain sheep (see Photograph #3). I also saw a bald eagle, black bear, moose, elk and caribou. Almost every day of my trip I saw a different animal. BC is full of wildlife.

This summer the weather in BC was very hot. While I was in Kelowna, BC the temperature was 40 degrees Celsius. Kelowna is in the Okanagan Valley. It is very hot and dry in this area and therefore there are many fruit trees grown here like peaches, apricots and cherries (see Photograph #4).

While in BC there were a lot of forest fires because of the hot and dry temperatures. I got to see an actual forest fire while in Valemount, BC and it was a little scary. (see Photograph #5) This fire was started the night before I arrived in Valemount by lightning. You can see that it is pretty close to a motel that was at the bottom of the mountain.

This particular forest fire was a very small one but it was still quite dangerous. In most of the campgrounds that I stayed at in BC I was not allowed to have a bonfire or campfire. After spending the time in BC that I did this summer, it is no wonder why. With the very hot temperatures it made the surroundings very dry.

I saw the Hope Slide in Hope, BC (see Photograph #6). This slide occurred in 1965 and the rocks the slid down the mountain filled up a whole lake, Outram Lake. It was amazing and quite scary to see the size of the rocks that had fallen. Four people were killed in this slide and two of the bodies have never been found.

I really enjoyed myself in British Columbia this summer. I hope you enjoy my photographs in my photo album above.

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