Forgetful Fred

“Come on, Fred,” said Sarah. “Hurry up! You are going to be late for the train. You don’t even have time to eat your breakfast.”

Forgetful Fred. He knew he should have gotten up a little earlier so he would have time for his breakfast. He grabbed his briefcase and was out the door in a flash.

“I can’t be late today,” said Fred to himself. “I have to hand my report in today.”

Fred got into his car and without letting it properly warm up, started off for the train station.

Forgetful Fred. He should have taken the time to warm up his car. Poor Fred. The car stalled on him as he was pulling out of his driveway. Lucky for him though, the car started up again.

Fred drove to the train station as quickly as he could, even running a red light.

Forgetful Fred. He shouldn’t have went through that red light because a police officer was right behind him. Poor Fred. He got a ticket.

Fred parked his car at the train station parking lot. He quickly ran toward the platform.

Forgetful Fred. He should have taken the time to check to make sure the lights on his car were shut off. Poor Fred. He left the lights on to his car. Luckily for Fred, his friend Sam noticed the car lights were on and told him about it. Fred ran back to the car and turned his lights off.

Forgetful Fred. While he was turning the car lights off, he noticed that he had left his briefcase on the passenger seat. Fred grabbed it and ran to catch his train. Fred ran quickly onto the train platform forgetting to punch his ticket.

Forgetful Fred. He should have taken the time to punch his ticket. Poor Fred, as soon as the train pulled out of the station, the train inspector asked everyone to show him their tickets. Fred got a fine.

Fred made it safely to work that morning without anymore incidences. However, as soon as he got to the office, the phone rang. It was Fred’s wife, Sarah.

Forgetful Fred. Sarah was calling to let him know that he left the disk that contained his report on the computer desk. Lucky for Fred, Sarah was able to email his report to him at the office.

“You shouldn’t be in such a hurry all the time,” scolded Sarah.


Moral of this Story:

  • Try to not be as forgetful as Forgetful Fred.
  • Example: Forgetful Fred forgot a very important disc at home. He needed it for a meeting at work.

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