Subway Sam and Earth Day

“I am driving to work today,” said Fred Houston, Subway Sam’s neighbour.

“Why?” asked Subway Sam, looking for his subway token. “Today is Earth Day! You should take the subway today of all days.”

“Ah Sam,” said Fred. “You know I don’t like taking the subway.”

“You know,” said Subway Sam. “I bet if you took the subway more often, you’d probably like it.”

“No,” said Fred. “I’m driving.”

“Suit yourself,” said Subway Sam.

Subway Sam walked down the street and stood at the subway station, waiting for the next subway to come. A lot of people had decided to take the subway today, mostly because it was Earth Day and it is a lot better for the environment to take public transit.

“Wait up!” Subway Sam heard someone yelling behind him.

Subway Sam was surprised to see Fred standing on the platform with him.

“My car was almost out of gas,” said Fred, huffing and puffing.

Subway Sam and Fred got onto a subway car and Subway Sam saw Fred fidgeting in his seat. He handed Fred part of his morning newspaper. Before long, Fred and Subway Sam reached their destination.

Throughout the day at work, Fred found himself more relaxed and better able to concentrate on his work. He was actually able to finish up a very important report and was able to hand it in on time. His boss was impressed.

The next morning, Fred met Subway Sam at the subway platform.

“You were right,” said Fred. “This subway thing is growing on me.”

“I thought it would,” said Subway Sam.

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