Planting Trees on Earth Day

“Today is Earth Day,” said Environment Bug, sitting at his kitchen table, reading the morning newspaper. “Earth Day is a very important day. The main purpose of Earth Day is to help clean up our environment and also to plant some trees. Planting trees is a very good idea because we lose a lot of trees each year by the logging industry and forest fires.”

Environment Bug decided that he was going to clean up the park beside his house and also plant some trees for Earth Day. Environment Bug then put his newspaper into his recycle box and went outside.

It was a warm day and therefore a lot of children were outside playing in the park. Environment Bug thought the children would be perfect to help him clean up the park on Earth Day.

“Looks like you are having lots of fun,” said Environment Bug to the children.

“Yes,” said a little boy, who was sliding down a slide. “I am having lots of fun.”

“How would you like to have some fun this afternoon?” said Environment Bug.

“Sure,” said the little boy. “I always want to have fun.”

“That is good,” said Environment Bug. “Do you like to plant trees and clean up?”

“I love to plant trees,” said the little boy. “However, I really don’t like cleaning up?”

“Well,” said Environment Bug, looking around the grounds of the park. “What about cleaning up this park? It sure needs a good cleaning.”

“Why?” asked the little boy. “Why does it need cleaning?”

Environment Bug explained all about the importance of keeping the park clean and also about Earth Day and how important to the environment it would be.

“That would be fun,” said the little boy.

Several of the little boys friends thought it was a good idea too and agreed that they would help clean up the park.

“Okay,” said Environment Bug. “Meet me here this afternoon.”

That afternoon, Environment Bug went to the park. The little boy who he spoke with that morning was there, along with several of his friends. Environment Bug was pleased at the turnout. He explained to each boy that if they saw any needles or other questionable items to call him and he would pick those up. He didn’t want the boys to get hurt.

Environment Bug gave each boy a green garbage bag. Each boy took a section of the park and within an hour, the park looked so clean. There were five garbage bags full of garbage that the boys had picked up.

The rest of the afternoon Environment Bug and the children spent planting several new trees in the park. They were all very tired but very happy when they were finished.

“I’m very proud of you all,” said the Environment Bug. “You all did a wonderful job!”

“We should try to keep the park clean every single day,” said the little boy.

“What a great idea!” exclaimed Environment Bug.

“Yes,” said another little boy. “We all use the park so we should all pitch in and keep it clean.”

“It would only take a few minutes of each of our time each day,” said Environment Bug.

Every day after school, the children and the Environment Bug each spent a few minutes cleaning up litter and debris in the park. It was the cleanest park in the whole town and they enjoyed playing in it even more.

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