The Desert Kid was getting tired of the rain. He wanted to go outside. He had been stuck in his house for three days now and he just wanted to get some fresh air, rain or not. The funny thing was that as soon as he stepped outdoors, the rain stopped.

“I should have done this three days ago,” said Desert Kid. “Maybe the rain would have stopped sooner.”

The Desert Kid enjoyed the warm sunshine that shone over the desert. He went for a long walk. He came to a patch of cactus. The Desert Kid was always fascinated by cactus so he bent over and took a close look at them. He didn’t realize it but he had bent over just a little too far and one of the cactus pricked him on his backside with his long thorn.

“Ouch!” exclaimed Desert Kid, rubbing his back. “That hurt!”

“Want me to do it again,” Desert Kid heard something say to him.

The Desert Kid turned around and was shocked to find out that the cactus was talking to him.

“Oh dear,” said Desert Kid. “I must have been out in the sun too long today. Now, I’m hearing cactus’ talk.”

“No,” said the cactus. “I can talk. You aren’t hearing things.”

“Oh,” said Desert Kid. “So why did you prick me with your thorn?”

“To get your attention,” said the cactus. “I need your help.”

“What would you want my help for?” asked Desert Kid.

“Well,” said the cactus. “I’m really sick of the rain. I’ve heard there is a drier spot on the other side of the mountain. I would like it if you would move me over there.”

“Oh,” said Desert Kid. “First you prick me and now you want me to move you. I highly don’t think so.”

“I think it is in your best interest to do as I say,” said the cactus, standing up proudly and puffing out his thorns.

“Oh so if I don’t move you to the other side of the mountain,” said Desert Kid. “Then you are just going to continue to prick me. That isn’t very nice.”

“I’m not a very nice cactus,” said the cactus.

“No kidding,” said Desert Kid. “So what is in it for me?”

“Well,” said the cactus. “If you move me to the other side of the mountain, it would be the last time you’d ever have to see me.”

The Desert Kid wasted no time. He went and got a pail and a shovel and he dug the cactus up and moved him to the other side of the mountain. Just as he was about to leave, the cactus pricked Desert Kid on the arm. Desert Kid ignored it and just walked away. He never visited that other side of the mountain ever again.

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