A Normal Day

Just once, for my own self, I would like to have a pair of normal legs. See, I have congenital chorea, so I walk differently than everyone else. I can’t walk as far as other people can so therefore the things that I do in life are limited to how far I can walk. My legs get tired and sore after walking the little distance that I do. Most people talk walking for granted but I don’t.

I would like, just once, to have a pair of normal legs just for one whole day. I would love to be able to walk normally and not have to deal with the pain that I get when I walk. If I could have normal legs for just one day, I would walk the whole entire day and not sit down once. The one thing that I would want to do for sure is to climb a mountain. I want to do that so bad. I live right in the mountains and see them every single day and when I do look up at the mountains the place that my eyes and heart travel to is the very top of them because that is where I want to be, on top of a mountain.

I would love, just once, to have a pair of normal legs so that I could walk up and down a mall, sidewalk or hallway full of people and not feel self-conscious about it. Every single step I make, I’m always thinking that someone is gawking at me or laughing at me and when I see someone look away as I walk, that pierces a sharp knife right through my heart. It is like they don’t want to see me walk because I walk differently than they do so therefore I am no good. You have no idea of how many people have purposely looked away when they see me coming and it really, really hurts.

Congenital chorea is not a very fun thing to have. It is a part of my life that I have had since birth and is the one thing that I really want to permanently go away. I don’t know much about congenital chorea myself as a matter of fact, I don’t know anyone else in this whole world who has it except for the members of my family that have it. It is like the best kept secret, almost like voodoo.

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