New Year’s Resolution

“Fawn,” said Spot. “I’m going to make a New Year’s Resolution.”

“Really,” said Fawn. “Me too!”

“What is your New Year’s resolution?” asked Spot.

“I want to be kinder and I want to help people this year,” said Fawn.

“That is what I want to do too,” said Spot.

“After watching what is happening to people all over the world with wars and famines I feel helpless and I want to do something to help,” said Fawn.

“Yes, me too,” said Spot.”

“So,” said Fawn. “What are we going to do to help out?”

“Well,” said Spot. “I’ve been thinking that we could raise some money.”

“What a good idea,” said Fawn.

“We could have a yard sale,” said Spot. “And we could donate the proceeds to help the people in need.”

Fawn and Spot spent the next few days getting things prepared for their yard sale. The day of the yard sale came around and it was a great success. Fawn and Spot raised over $200.00 from their efforts.

Fawn and Spot showed their profits to their owners, Mr. and Mrs. Hansen that evening. Mr. Hansen pulled out his cheque book. He donated a cheque for $200.00. Their two children donated their money that they received for Christmas. Together they donated $150.00.

“Wow,” said Fawn. “We have $550.00 to donate to the people in need.”

“I know,” said Spot. “We did really good. $550.00 doesn’t seem like much but if everyone gave a little bit, it sure would add up.”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “Every little effort helps.”


Moral of this Story:

  • A good New Year’s resolution is to be kind and to help others.
  • Example: Fawn’s resolution was to be kind and to help others. He held a yard sale and made $200 to donate to people in need.

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