Easter Bunny’s Helpers

Nestled among rolling hills and blooming meadows, in Storyland, there is a quaint little lane, Easter Lily Way. At the very end of this lane, in a cozy burrow, lived Easter Bunny.

Not far from Easter Lily Way lived two other rabbits, Runner Rabbit and Rita Rabbit. Runner Rabbit loved to sprint through the forest, leaving a trail of chaos behind him. This chaos often involved him running away from bill collectors or escaping after an argument. Rita Rabbit always tried to give him advice and try to get him to manage his money. Runner Rabbit never listened to her.

“But Runner,” explained Rita to him the morning before Easter. “If you don’t pay your phone bill, they will cut your phone off.”

“So let them,” said Runner and before Rita could respond, Runner was out the door and sprinting through the forest as fast as he could.” 

That evening, Runner hadn’t returned and Rita was very worried about him. 

“Oh where could he be?” Cried Rita, who searched throughout Storyland for him.

Rita remembered that Easter Bunny lived on Easter Lily Way, which was not far from Runner’s house.

“Maybe Easter Bunny could help me find him,” thought Rita.

Easter Bunny heard a knock on the door . He was surprised to see Rita Rabbit.

“Rita ,” said Easter Bunny. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh Easter Bunny!” exclaimed Rita, tears in her eyes. “Runner Rabbit is missing. I have looked everywhere for him.”

“He isn’t missing,” smiled Easter Bunny, taking Rita by the hand and leading her into his workshop. “He is my new assistant.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Rita, giving Runner a big hug. ‘Why didn’t you tell me? I was so worried.”

“I didn’t mean to make you worry, ” said Runner. “Easter Bunny needed some help and I need some extra money.”

“This is wonderful,” said Rita.

Rita noticed both Easter Bunny and Runner were very busy. She saw an apron hanging on a hook. She took it down and Easter Bunny nodded. Rita, Runner and Easter Bunny were able to get all the Easter gifts decorated and wrapped in record time.

“Thank you both for all your help,” said Easter Bunny, paying both Runner and Rita and giving them both a little bonus.

Both Runner and Rita felt a deep sense of joy about helping Easter Bunny. They both vowed to help him out every Easter.

Easter morning came and Runner pulled a gift wrapped parcel out of his backpack. He handed it to Rita.

“Happy Easter!” exclaimed Runner. “I made enough money helping Easter Bunny to buy this for you. I have enough left over to pay my phone bill too!”

Rita gave Runner a huge hug. “I am so proud of you!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It always feels good when helping someone out.
  • Example: Runner Rabbit and Rita Rabbit helped Easter Bunny to prepare for Easter Day.

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