Winter Fun With Mountain Kid

Hi everyone! This is Mountain Kid. I am the oldest member of the Canadian Family. I live in the mountains in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Now, I know that most of you do not like winter. However, for me, winter is the season that I have the most fun. There is nothing like going outside on a winter day in the mountains. There is nothing like seeing a white-tailed deer standing in a snow-covered field. There is nothing like seeing a coyote on the prowl, down a steep mountain slope. There is nothing like watching a red-tailed hawk hover just over the side of a steep mountain slope. In fact, there is nothing like winter in the mountains of British Columbia.

It does get cold here in the winter, but if you are dressed properly, it is most enjoyable. I wear at least two layers of clothing and sometimes even three. It is most important to keep your feet warm and dry. I like to wear three pairs of heavy wool socks in my winter boots. I like the winter boots that lace up half way to your knee. They keep the snow out and therefore will help keep you warm and dry.

I never go outside in the winter without my toque. A toque will keep my head warm and dry. I also like to wear gloves. I like gloves better than mittens because with gloves, you have more freedom with your fingers. Gloves allow you to pick objects up easier and they give you a better grip on things than mittens do.

I love the fresh mountain air. I spend hours outside in the winter time just because of the air.  It is so nice to breathe air that is not polluted and not filled with smog and other debris. Mountain air has to be the freshest air around, hands down.

I like to go for walks in the mountains in the winter. Now, there are dangers about being in the mountains. I am very careful not to go anywhere where falling snow can occur. Falling snow or loose snow can cause an avalanche and that is one thing I steer clear of. I try to stay clear of ice too. Walking in mountains, alone in the winter, can be very dangerous. I always go for walks out in the mountains by myself, however, I would not recommend anyone else to do this. When I am out walking in the mountains, I would never take risks that could put myself in harms way. I am very careful about where I go and what I do. You also have to remember that I have been living in the mountains for a very long time so I know my surroundings very well.

After a few hours of being out in the fresh mountain air, I head back to my cabin and peel off my layers of clothing. I always hang my wet clothing up to dry so that it will be ready for the next time I want to go outside. I add a couple of logs to the woodstove, curl up in my favourite chair and let the warmth sink into my bones. I never seem to have any problems getting a good night’s sleep after spending a winter’s day in the mountains.


Moral of this Story:

  • Winter mountains are beautiful.
  • Example: Mountain Kid loves spending time in the mountains in the winter.

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