Easter and Social Distancing

It was Easter and E. Egg had gone to hide in the tall grass, like he had every single year. It is his tradition. It is what he does at Eastertime.

“Oh dear!” cried E. Egg’s friend, Jamie. “I have to find E. Egg before anyone else does. I need to tell him about social distancing. The coryvirus pandemic is a problem here in Storyland and we need to practice social distancing so we can prevent the spread of it.”

Jamie walked into the field with the tall grass. She walked carefully to be sure she did not step on E. Egg by mistake. She also had her ears pinned to the ground, listening intently for a scream because if someone found E. Egg before she did, he would scream.

There were some people walking through the field but there weren’t as many as other years. Jamie was happy about that. She also saw that people were staying at least 2 metres apart from one another.

Jamie heard a scream. She ran over to where the scream was coming from.

“E. Egg,” said Jamie, seeing her friend talking to a young girl. “I am so glad I found you.”

“Jamie!” exclaimed E. Egg. “Meet my new friend, Trixie. She was just explaining to me all about how this Easter that everyone must practise social distancing because of this coryvirus pandemic that has hit Storyland.”

“Trixie is right,” said Jamie. “I am so proud of you, Trixie. See, E. Egg didn’t know anything about social distancing and I am actually here to tell him about it. Thank you.”

“You are welcome,” said Trixie.

“It is good that you are taking this seriously,” said Jamie. “I hope you stay safe and I am sure there will be an extra special gift for you this Easter.”

“You really think so,” said Trixie.

“Absolutely,” said Jamie. “See, E. Egg is close friends with the Easter Bunny.”

“I hope not too close,” laughed Trixie, spreading her arms out. “Remember to practise social distancing.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We must practise social distancing this Easter.
  • Example: Jamie needed to find E. Egg so she could tell him about social distancing this Easter.

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