Poor Mountain Family’s Christmas

“I need to get a second job,” said Poor Mountain Father, one evening, after the Poor Mountain children had gone to bed.

“Why?” asked Poor Mountain Mother, just finishing the dishes.

“Christmas is coming,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Say no more,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “I’ve already got that figured out.”

“Uh?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Yesterday, I had a visit from our new neighbours. You know, the ones that just moved in.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I helped them unload some of their furniture. They seem like a very nice couple, but what does this have to do with making extra money.”

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “They need a babysitter.”

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Father, with his eyes lighting up brightly.

“It would give us enough extra money for Christmas,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Father, folding up the newspaper that he was going to read. “That settles that.”

Poor Mountain Father went to work in the village the next morning, when he saw his co-worker sitting on a bench outside.

“Hi Pete!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father.

“Oh hi Fred,” said Pete. “You are just the person I wanted to speak with.”

“What is going on?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“Well,” said Pete. “I was wondering if you’d like a chance to make some extra money for Christmas.”

“Gee,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I spoke to my wife just last night about getting an extra job but then she told me that she is going to babysit our neighbours children.”

“Well,” said Pete. “That doesn’t mean that you still can’t make some extra money. I mean, just think of what you could purchase your wife for Christmas.”

“Gee,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I never thought of that. She’d really love a dishwasher.”

“Perfect,” said Pete.

Pete explained to Poor Mountain Father that he needed some work done on his ranch to get it ready for the upcoming spring. He wanted to build a new barn.

“I’d be glad to help you out,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Pete.

So, over the next month, Poor Mountain Mother babysat the neighbours children and Poor Mountain Father worked very hard for Pete, helping him build his new barn.

About a week before Christmas, Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Father overheard a conversation between the Poor Mountain children.

“Gee,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “I’d really like a new bike for Christmas.”

“And I’d really like one too,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “But I know that we can’t afford it.”

“Yeah,” sighed Poor Mountain Brother. “It sure is nice to dream though.”

Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Father stood in the hallway, both wiping tears from their eyes. They both exactly what they were going to do with their extra money.

Christmas morning came and the Poor Mountain children stood around the empty Christmas tree. They both knew that their parents could not afford to buy them anything for Christmas. However, that did not let their Christmas spirits down. They enjoyed a nice Christmas breakfast, complete with peameal bacon and eggs.

After breakfast was over, Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Father just couldn’t stand waiting any longer.

“Okay children,” said Poor Mountain Father. “Come with me!”

The children looked at Poor Mountain Father a little strangely.

“Come on,” said Poor Mountain Mother, opening up the door to the garage.

There in the middle of the garage stood two sport bicycles, one blue and one pink.

“Oh my!” exclaimed the Poor Mountain children together.

“Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Father.

The children were so excited. They both wanted to ride their new bikes right away.

“Not yet,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I have one more surprise.”

Poor Mountain Father took an old ragged sheet cover off a large cardboard box.

“Merry Christmas!” he exclaimed, giving Poor Mountain Mother a kiss.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother. “A dishwasher! I’ve always wanted one.”

Poor Mountain Mother pulled out a little box wrapped in Christmas paper and handed it to Poor Mountain Father.

“Merry Christmas!” she exclaimed.

“A watch!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father. “I love it!”

The Poor Mountain family were very happy that day. However, it wasn’t really the gifts that made them happy. It was the fact that they cared so much for each other and that they were willing to work extra hard to get something nice for each other.


Moral of this Story:

  • Christmas gifts don’t make people happy, caring about one another does.
  • Example: The Poor Mountain family worked very hard before Christmas so the they would have enough money to have a very nice Christmas.

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