A Golden Winter Night

“Jessie won’t be joining us in class today,” said Jamie’s teacher, Mrs. White. “Jamie is still very ill.”

“Oh dear,” thought Jamie to himself. “I remember when I was very ill. Golden Snowflake helped me get better. I must see Golden Snowflake and see if she can help Jessie.”

That evening Jamie went outside after he had finished his homework. It was a cold, clear winter night.

“Hello Jamie,” said Golden Snowflake, falling from the sky and turning everything a golden colour. “How can I help you?”

Jamie quickly grabbed Golden Snowflake in his hands before she hit the ground. He explained about how Jessie was sick and how he was worried about her.

“Can you help make her better?” asked Jamie.

“Certainly,” said Golden Snowflake. “Take me to where she is.”

Jamie carefully carried Golden Snowflake to Jessie’s house.

“I have Golden Snowflake in my hands,” explained Jamie to Jessie’s parents. “That is the same snowflake that made you better, isn’t it?” asked Jessie’s mother.

“Yes,” said Jamie. “It is.”

“Let’s take the snowflake to her,” said Jessie’s father.

Jamie laid Golden Snowflake in Jessie’s hand. In minutes, Jessie started feeling better and the next day, Jessie was well enough to go back to school.

“Thank you,” said Jessie when she saw Jamie. “Thank you for bringing Golden Snowflake to me. She made me all better.”

“You are welcome,” said Jamie.

Jessie gave Jamie a kiss on his cheek and he turned beet red but he didn’t care. He was in love.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always try to help out people when you can.
  • Example: Jamie heard that Jessie was sick so he got Golden Snowflake to visit her and make her feel better.

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