Fighting Fires

Fred the Firefighter just got home from working a long shift at the Storyland Fire Station. He was in his kitchen washing up for dinner when he saw flames coming from his neighbours garage.

“Oh dear!” shouted Fred the Firefighter. “I hope Mr. Wilson is still away on vacation.”

The first thing Fred the Firefighter did was call the fire department. A fire truck was dispatched right away.

Fred the Firefighter looked around the burning garage, without getting too close, to make sure Mr. Wilson was not home. He noticed that Mr. Wilson’s car was not parked in the driveway and that there was mail overflowing from his mailbox.

In minutes, the fire truck arrived. Fred the Firefighter suited up to help out. He told the crew that as far as he knew nobody was home and that the owner of the garage was away on vacation.

Fred the Firefighter helped attach the hose from the truck to the fire hydrant and then he sprayed the hose at the flames. It wasn’t long before the fire was out.

“It is a good thing you were home,” the Fire Chief said to Fred the Firefighter. “This could have been a lot worse.”

Once everything was safe and the fire truck had left, Fred the Firefighter called Mr. Wilson and told him what happened. Mr. Wilson was grateful that Fred the Firefighter was home and that the fire was put out quickly, with minimal damage.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be thankful to firefighters.
  • Example: Fred the Firefighter’s neighbour was thankful to him for being home when his garage caught fire.

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