Mountain Kid and Old Griz

Hi there everyone! This is Mountain Kid. I live in a log cabin in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. I have an adventure to share with you about meeting up with a grizzly bear!

I was just waking up one bright, sunny morning. Spring had just past and summer was just around the corner. I stood in the doorway of my cabin, breathing the fresh mountain air when I heard a splash coming from the lake. It wasn’t just a small splash, but a large splash and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I knew what made the splash and I was very excited about it.

Old Griz was back. He had survived the winter and was ready for another fun-filled summer of berry picking and getting into trouble. Well, I was ready for Old Griz this summer. I reached behind me and grabbed my camera gear and off to the lake I went.

Old Griz and me go way back. I first saw him as a cub, about five years ago, swimming in my lake. I didn’t mind it one bit, I kind of enjoyed seeing him. Old Griz was not afraid of me and I was not afraid of him. We kind of had a mutual understanding, me and Old Griz, and that understanding was he could stay and swim as long as he wanted but the moment he caused any trouble of any kind, he was out of there.

I went down to the lake quietly and stood and watched in awe as Old Griz swam in the lake. I know he knew I was there, but that was another part of our mutual understanding, keep your ground and I’ll keep mine.

Old Griz looked pretty good, I thought, as I snapped picture after picture of him swimming. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tiny grizzly cub standing at the end of the woods. Why that must be Old Griz’s youngen! I snapped away for what seemed like an eternity until my camera was out of film.

Old Griz stood up on his hind legs in the water and stared right at me. I gave him the old thumbs up and he knew that I was proud of him and his youngen. Old Griz gave out a happy roar and then turned to his youngen.

I took a close look at the youngen and I could see the resemblance of Old Griz in him. He was happy and carefree and full of spirit. Soon, Old Griz and his youngen wondered off into the bush. I packed up my camera gear and went back inside the cabin. A little while later, I heard what sounded like a gun-shot and my heart sank to the pit of my stomach. All I could think of was Old Griz and his youngen and how I hoped it wasn’t them that had gotten shot. I worried all that night until the following morning when I heard the familiar splash in the lake. I knew Old Griz was alright and soon thereafter, I heard another splash, a smaller splash in the lake and I knew the youngen was okay too.

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