Apartment 17 – A Sweet Christmas

Lost Christmas came out of the stairwell in the Christmas building. He was on the first floor. He saw Apartment 17 so he knocked on the door.

A very sweet girl in a very quiet and timid voice answered the door.

“Hello,” said the young girl.

“My name is Lost Christmas Tree,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “Are you waiting for a Christmas tree delivery?”

“My name is Jayden,” said the young girl. “I already have my Christmas tree.”

“Oh okay,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “I am trying to find out which apartment in the Christmas Building I am supposed to spend Christmas at.”

“I actually grow my own Christmas trees,” said Jayden, pointing to her Christmas tree in the corner.

“It is a beautiful Christmas tree,” said Lost Christmas Tree admiring Jayden’s tree.

“Thank you,” said Jayden. “You are a very handsome Christmas tree.”

Lost Christmas Tree was glad he was fully decorated because he could feel himself blushing.

“You are a very sweet girl,” said Lost Christmas Tree, walking up the hallway.

“Thank you,” said Jayden. “Merry Christmas and good luck!”

“Merry Christmas to you as well,” said Lost Christmas Tree.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to give someone a compliment.
  • Example: Jayden told Lost Christmas Tree that he was a handsome tree.

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