Chester Chipmunk’s First Day of School

“I can’t wait until tomorrow comes,” said Chester Chipmunk, to his sister as he sat on the porch of his tree-house in the forest.

“What are you talking about?” asked his sister, Suzie. “Tomorrow is the first day of school.”

“That is right,” said Chester. “I can’t wait.”

“I remember my first day of school,” said Suzie. “I was scared.”

“What is there to be scared of?” asked Chester. “I’m not scared.”

“Well when I first went to school I didn’t know anyone,” said Suzie. “Mommy and Daddy had just moved to this forest when I started school.”

“I guess that would make a difference,” said Chester. “For me, it will be easier because I know most of the animals in the forest already.”

“Yes,” said Suzie. “I sure wish I knew the animals before I started school.”

“Well the good thing is that you have lots of friends now,” said Chester.

“Yes that is true,” said Suzie. “If I had to start school now, I wouldn’t be scared at all.”

Chester’s first day of school came. He had brand new clothes on as well as a new backpack and school supplies.

“I like your new clothes,” Chester heard a voice behind him.

Turning around, Chester saw a little skunk sitting all by herself.

“Why thank you,” said Chester, noticing the new pink dress that the skunk was wearing. “I like your new dress, too.”

“Oh thank you,” said the skunk, folding her hands nervously in her lap.

“Are you new to the forest?” asked Chester. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before.”

“Yes,” said the skunk shyly. “We just moved into this forest about a week ago. I don’t know anyone here.”

Chester thought about the conversation that he had with his sister the previous day and how she had said that her first day of school was hard on her because she didn’t know anyone.

“Well,” said Chester, extending his paw out to the skunk to shake. “My name is Chester.”

“Hi Chester,” said the skunk, shaking Chester’s paw. “My name is Daisy.”

“Well, Daisy,” said Chester. “Now you have a friend here.”

“Thank you, Chester,” said Daisy, feeling the butterflies in her stomach vanish already.

“Hey Chester!” yelled Porky Porcupine, who was Chester’s best friend. “Come on, we are going to play baseball.”

“No,” said Chester. “I’m going to stay here with Daisy. She just moved to the forest and doesn’t have any friends. I’m going to stay with her and be her friend.”

“Well,” said Porky. “Can’t I be Daisy’s friend too?”

“Sure you can,” said Daisy. “The more the merrier!”

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