Cold Feet

“Come on now Willie,” coaxed Gus. “We’ve got to keep moving! We can’t stop now. There’s a snowstorm coming!”

Willie, Gus’ two year old donkey, wouldn’t budge.

“What’s the matter with you Willie?” asked Gus, beginning to get angry. “You’ve never acted like this before. We have to keep moving! You got cold feet or something, Willie!”

Try as he might, Gus could not coax Willie to move an inch. He tried everything in his power to make Willie move.

“They say that donkey’s are stubborn,” said Gus, a few minutes later. “But this is ridiculous, Willie. We are going to have to spend the night right here by the looks of things. I’m getting cold, Willie, aren’t you? I’m going to build a camp-fire.”

Gus started a roaring fire and soon he was quite cozy and warm. Gus soon fell asleep beside his blazing fire.

“You know,” said Gus, the next morning. “Maybe that Willie isn’t so dumb after all. I mean, last night that sky looked awfully mean. Now, this morning, it’s the brightest blue that I can ever remember seeing. Hey, Willie, do you know something that I don’t know? They say that donkey’s aren’t stupid!”

There was not a single hint of any storm approaching. It didn’t take any coaxing to get Willie to move on, this time. Gus was amazed.

“Willie, why aren’t you giving me a hassle this morning?” asked Gus.

Willie perked up his long ears at the mention of his name. Gus and Willie continued on their way. About an hour later, Gus saw fresh snow all around them. Tree branches lay scattered everywhere. He gave Willie a sly little smile.

“So,” said Gus. “That is why you wouldn’t budge last night. You knew that we were going to be safer where we were, didn’t you? I’m glad that I listened to you.”

Willie ignored his master and kept right on walking. The snow became deeper and deeper. Soon, Gus and Willie were having a very hard time getting through. Luckily for them, they only had five more miles to go before they were in town.

That five miles seemed endless as Gus and Willie trudged through the deep snow.

“You know,” said Gus. “I think that you saved my life last night. There’s no way that we would have ever made it through this stuff!”

As they approached town, Gus saw his old friend Pete walking along the street. Gus stopped and spoke with him.

“Whatever are you doing out in town on a day like this!” Pete said. “That sure was one terrible snowstorm last night. Why, one lad lost all his livestock and another lad’s barn caved in.”

Gus just smiled and went on his way.

“I guess that the next time you get cold feet, I will listen to you, Willie,” said Gus.

“Hee-Haw!” exclaimed Willie, happily.


Moral of this Story:

  • Animals are not stupid.
  • Example: Willie wouldn’t budge so he forced Gus to stay put for the night. The next morning Gus noticed there was a pretty bad snowstorm the night before.

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