Pesky Crow and Lonely Scarecrow

Lonely Scarecrow was sitting on his fence post. It was the same fence post he has been sitting on for the past couple of years now.

Scarecrows lead a pretty boring life. All they do is sit and watch the days turn into nights and the nights turn into days. It is not only boring but it is also very lonely.

Lonely Scarecrow is one of the lucky scarecrows though because his owners, Joshua and Penny care about him. Penny made Lonely Scarecrow a partner, Hazel. She then gave Hazel a baby. She also made a friend for Lonely Scarecrow, Dallas.

Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas split their crow watching shifts. Lonely Scarecrow sleeps while Dallas watches and scares away crows and Lonely Scarecrow lets Dallas sleep while he is watching for crows.

It was a warm autumn morning and Dallas had just finished his shift. Lonely Scarecrow saw a flock of crows in the distance. They were so far away that Lonely Scarecrow didn’t have to worry about them.

He sat thinking about just how good his life was. All of a sudden one crow flew right beside him. Lonely Scarecrow relaxed his arms and he allowed the wind to flap them around.

Normally a crow will fly away when it sees a scarecrows arms flapping from the wind but not this crow. He just kept flying closer and closer.

“Go away!” yelled Lonely Scarecrow.

“I just want to be your friend,” said the crow.

“I can ‘t be your friend,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “My job is to scare you away!”

Lonely Scarecrow thought the crow flew away. However, Dallas pointed out something different, when he woke up later that day.

“Who is your new friend?” asked Dallas.

“What new friend?” asked Lonely Scarecrow.

“The crow sitting on top of your head,” laughed Dallas.

“Oh you pesky crow!” cried Lonely Scarecrow, flinging his arms up over his head. “How long have you been there?”

“The whole time,” said the pesky crow. “See, we actually could be friends.”

“I suppose we could,” said Lonely Scarecrow.

Lonely Scarecrow did become friends with that one crow. That pesky crow turned out to be a very loyal friend. He would let Lonely Scarecrow know what the other crows in the area were doing. All he wanted in return was someone to talk to.

The pesky row was also very lonely. He had gotten turned around in a snow storm and had gotten away from his family a few months ago. He hasn’t seen them since.

“Thank you for being my friend,” said the pesky crow a few days later.

“I thought you were just being pesky at first,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “However, truth be told, I have enjoyed your friendship as well.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to be friends with someone different than you.
  • Example: Lonely Scarecrow felt at first it was wrong to be friends with a pesky crow but he later found out the crow was a good loyal friend to him.

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