Halloween Zombie with Zimba Zombie

“It is a full moon on Halloween,” said Zimba Zombie to his grandmother.

“Well don’t worry about me,” said Grandma. “Go have fun.”

“I can’t leave you when you are sick,” said Zimba.

“I am just going to rest,” said Grandma. “I know how important Halloween is to you now that you are a zombie.”

“You are more important to me than Halloween,” said Zimba.

“Your happiness means everything to me,” said Grandma. “I know you have been strong but I also know it has been painful to you both physically and emotionally since you have been turned into a zombie.”

“I admit it has been rough,” said Zimba. “Mom and Dad left with my baby sister, Theresa. I will probably never see them again. The only person that has stood by me is you.”

“You know your parents only left because they are afraid Theresa will be infected,” said Grandma.

“I know,” said Zimba.

“Now you run along,” said Grandma. “Halloween  only comes once a year.”

Zimba knew it was pointless arguing with Grandma so he got dressed, kissed Grandma on the cheek and he headed out the door.

It was a cool Halloween evening in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Zimba pulled his red plaid jacket in close as he walked to the mall downtown.

“Look at that zombie costume!” someone pointed at Zimba. “That is so real looking!”

“A zombie!” screamed a little boy.

“Mommy I’m scared,” said a little girl. “What is that?”

There were several complaints to mall security as Zimba walked through the mall. A security guard confronted Zimba.

“Look,” said the security guard. “That costume of yours is way too real looking. I am going to have to ask you to leave.”

“Have you never seen a real zombie before?” asked Zimba. “This isn’t a costume. I am a zombie.”

“No,” said the security guard. “I don’t believe you and now you are scaring me. Come.”

The security guard grabbed the back of Zimba’s jacket and escorted him out of the mall. Zimba wasn’t upset. As a matter of fact, he was laughing as the security guard stood at the mall entrance glaring at him.

“See you next year,” Zimba said waving to the security guard. “I will be back next Halloween.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to point at people but it also isn’t nice to scare people.
  • Example: Zimba Zombie loved Halloween and the only time he leaves his house is Halloween. He went to the mall in Saskatoon to scare people.

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