Billy Troll Takes His Dad Fishing on Father’s Day

“So Dad,” said Billy Troll, visiting his parents. “Sunday is Father’s Day. How would you like to go fishing?”

“You know I would love that,” said Dad. “However, aren’t you going to be too busy with your music and your own family. You have Dianne, Troll Baby and now the twins to take care of.”

“True,” said Billy. “However, I have a concert Friday night here in Troll Town. I can rest on Saturday and Sunday morning we can go fishing. It still gives me the rest of the day to spend with Dianne and the kids.”

“As long as you are sure you have time,” said Dad. “Then I would love to go.”

“I will always have time for you and Mom,” said Billy.

“We appreciate the time we spend with you,” said Dad.

“I will pick you up at 5:00 am Sunday morning,” said Billy.

“I can’t wait,” said Dad.

Sunday morning came along and Billy picked his Dad up. They drove to their favourite lake, which was just outside of Troll Town.

“What a beautiful day for fishing!” exclaimed Dad, once they were out on the water.

“It sure is,” said Billy. “It is nice and peaceful here. I don’t have to worry about screaming fans. I can actually hear myself think.”

“Do you remember the first time I brought you here?” asked Dad.

“I do,” said Billy. “I was six years old. I remember you and I didn’t catch a single fish but Mother sure did.”

“She still talks about that,” laughed Dad.

She made us clean it and cook it,” laughed Billy.

“Yes,” said Dad. “She did, didn’t she.”

Billy and Dad had the best time fishing and reminiscing that Father’s Day out on the lake together.

“How did your fishing trip go?” asked Mother, when they returned home.

“We didn’t catch a single fish,” said Billy.

“But we did have a wonderful day together,” said Dad.

“I had a feeling you wouldn’t be bringing any fish home,” said Mother. “So, I ordered some fish and chips for lunch for us.”

“At least we don’t have to clean the fish or cook it,” said Billy.

“There is a sink full of dirty duties to do,” laughed Mother.

“I am sure he has enough dishes to do at home,” said Dad.

“True,” said Billy.

Billy enjoyed lunch with his parents but he did have to get home to spend the rest of Father’s Day with his own little family.

“That was a great day we had,” said Dad, giving Billy a hug.

“We will have to do it again soon,” said Billy. “Happy Father’s Day, Dad”.

“Same to you son,” said Dad, leaving as Billy got into his truck. “Love you!”

“I love you too,” said Billy.


Moral of this Story:

  • Mother’s seem to know a lot.
  • Example: Mother knew that Dad and Billy didn’t catch a fish when they went fishing so she ordered fish and chips for their lunch.
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