The Canadian Family’s Father’s Day

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mother, who was in her attic cleaning up. “These are journals from my late husband. The children have been asking me about these for years. “I must contact each of them and have them come home as soon as possible.”

Mother’s children live from one coast of Canada to the other. They are all adventurers, just like their father. The first one Mother called was her oldest son, Mountain Kid. He lived in the mountains in British Columbia, Canada.

“Mountain Kid,” said Mother.” I was cleaning the attic today and I found your father’s journals. I want you to come to Toronto. I am going to call the rest of your brothers and your sister. I think we should all be together to read them.”

“I agree,” said Mountain Kid. “I can come this Sunday. Would that be okay?”

“That would be perfect,” said Mother. “This Sunday is Father’s Day.”

“It seems fitting that we would read Dad’s journal on Father’s Day,” said Mountain Kid.

“I agree,” said Mother.

Mother called all her the rest of her children. They all agreed to meet at Mother’s house in Toronto, Ontario for Father’s Day.

“Children,” said Mother, when everyone arrived. “It is nice that we could all get together to honour your Father this Father’s Day.”

“This is very exciting,” said Rancher Girl, the only daughter. “I am so glad you came across Daddy’s journals. At least now, we will get to know more about our father.”

“Very true,” said Mother. “Okay, there is a lot of material to go through so lets get started.”

“My Canadian family,” read Mother. “I want to start out by telling you that I am very proud of each one of you. My dreams and aspirations for our family were to see that each of you explore our country and then find the spot that suits you the most. The adventures that each one of you have been on, have made our family and our country proud. We are a unique family in that each one of us are travelers and we are not afraid to take life by the horns and live it to its fullest.

I have traveled throughout Canada over the years. I have been in every province this great country has to offer. It is a beautiful country and I am so happy that each of you appreciate its beauty.

My adventures and travels may have taken me away from you, the family I love dearly. However, the articles and photographs I have had published have helped so many people understand and appreciate what we see in this beautiful country so, I do hope you can forgive me for the time I spent away from you.

Mother, you are the love of my life. I know that you have done a wonderful job raising our family. They have all grown into strong and independent Canadians. Without your guidance, they would not have become the people they are today.

Mountain Kid, you are the oldest child and I know that you would thrive in the mountains. You always wanted to be out in the bush. You adored animals, plant life and the great outdoors. I see you owning a piece of a mountain in British Columbia.

City Kid, you always liked the hustle and bustle of city life. I know that you would thrive in a
city. I remember when you were young, we took you to the zoo. You were fascinated by the people you saw. You didn’t seem to notice the animals at all. It takes a very strong person to survive city life and I know you have what it takes.

Fishing Kid, I remember fondly how you played in every single mud puddle you came across as a kid. I know you love water and would not be afraid to be out on the open sea. You have what it takes to become a fisherman. I know being a fisherman would make you happy and content.

Prairie Kid, you are my youngest child. You had a lot of influence from the rest of the children, but despite that you grew up to be very independent and free-spirited. I would not be surprised if you ended up on the prairies, surrounded by wide-open space.

Rancher Girl, my sweet. You are the apple of my eye. You are very beautiful both inside and out. You have a heart of gold. I could see you helping out people in your community. I can see you owning a ranch out west and teaching your children the values you have learned.

So children, I am off to a new adventure. I will be traveling up to the Yukon. That will be the last item on my bucket list. I have lived an amazing life. I have been truly blessed. However, my time has come. This will be my last adventure and it is the end of my journey. I love and respect every single one of you.

Love, Dad”

“This was a beautiful thing our father did for us,” said Rancher Girl wiping tears from her eyes. “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!”

“It truly was,” said Mountain Kid. “Our father was a very caring man. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”

“It was a beautiful way for all of us honour him on Father’s Day,” said Prairie Kid.

“It certainly was,” said Fishing Kid. “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”

“Yes,” said City Kid. “Your journal gave us a great insight to the man you were. I am proud to be your son. Happy Father’s Day!”

“I just wish he could be here with us,” said Mother.

“He is here with us,” said Mountain Kid. “He is with us through his words.”

“That is certainly true,” said Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to get together as a family.
  • Example: The Canadian Family were glad they got together to honour their father for Father’s Day so they could read his journals that Mother had found.


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