Cranky Bunny and the Coloured Easter Eggs

“I can’t do this!” yelled Cranky Bunny with a cranky attitude.

“Your cranky attitude isn’t going to work with me,” said Cranky Bunny’s Mother. “Now, what can’t you do?”

“Cranky Bunny is cranky because he doesn’t remember how to paint Easter eggs,” explained Cranky Bunny’s best friend, Julie, who always sticks up for him.

“First,” said Mother. “He is using crayons to paint the eggs with. He needs watercolour paints. Julie, you go boil a dozen eggs and I will get the watercolour paints.”

“I want this Easter to be very colourful,” said Cranky Bunny, with an even crankier attitude.

“Drop the cranky attitude,” said Mother, returning with the paints.. “I found the proper paints. You will be able to create some very colourful Easter eggs now.”

Julie sat down at the table with Cranky Bunny and Mother with a dozen boiled eggs. Mother picked one up and painted it. It was a very colourful Easter egg and Cranky Bunny loved how it turned out. Mother, Julie and Cranky Bunny soon had the whole dozen eggs painted. They were very beautiful coloured Easter eggs.

Cranky Bunny placed the dozen Easter eggs around the house and the eggs brightened up the house. Cranky Bunny was very happy.

“I love the coloured Easter eggs,” said Cranky Bunny, happily.

“Me too,” said Mother.

“Now we can all have a very happy, colourful Easter,” said Julie.

“Yes,” said Cranky Bunny, happily. “Happy colourful Easter!”

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