Lovable Viking’s Best Christmas Gift

“Good morning dear,” said Lovable Viking, sitting down at the table for his usual breakfast feast.

“Good morning,” said his wife, Vivian, clearly thinking of something else.

“My dear,” said Lovable Viking. “Clearly something is wrong. What is it?”

“The snow is here,” said Vivian. “It is so beautiful and yet very depressing. I remember that as a child, we had that holiday around this time of year. It was always a joyous occasion. Family would come for miles around. It took us days to prepare for it.”

“Are you taking about Christmas?” asked Lovable Viking.

“Yes,” said Vivian. “I am. Christmas was so much fun.”

“You do remember that Christmas was banned in Tara long before I was the ruler,” said Lovable Viking. “The children were getting too greedy.”

“I do remember,” said Vivian. “You are I would have been part of those greedy children and I don’t think we were greedy. I think we were very excited. There is nothing wrong with a child’s excitement.”

“Maybe it is time to lift the ban on Christmas,” said Lovable Viking.

“Can that happen?” asked Vivian.

“Why not,” said Lovable Viking. “I am the ruler.”

“True,” said Vivian, very excited.

“Prepare Tara for Christmas,” said Lovable Viking. “Let the celebration begin.”

Vivian started decorating their section of the longhouse they lived in. Soon, the other wives did the same. All of the children were so excited. They didn’t know what Christmas was.

“What is Christmas?” the children asked. “Is it wonderful? Is it magical?”

“Oh yes,” their mothers would explain. “It is all that and more.”

The vikings of Tara were so happy and thrilled. They had the best Christmas ever.

“I have one more gift for you,” said Vivian, handing Lovable Viking a pair of knitted baby booties. You are going to be a father!”

Lovable Viking cried his eyes out. He had waited for this day to come.

“You have just given me the best gift ever,” said Lovable Viking, gently hugging Vivian.

“Merry Christmas!” cried Vivian.

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