Police Report – Day 14

I went to Saskatchewan today to interview Zimba Zombie. Despite being a zombie, Zimba is very much full of life. He has heard of Jesse and JD, because he spends a lot of time surfing the internet.

Zimba loves rock’ n roll music. He feels Jesse and JD play the best rock music of any DJ so, he had been listening to them on C JAY 92 up until their disappearance.

Zimba was genuinely concerned about the whereabouts of Jesse and JD. He hopes I find them soon. I have crossed Zimba Zombie off my list of suspects.

While I was at the airport waiting to catch a flight back to Calgary, I saw Sprinkles. She was waiting for a flight to Manitoba. I asked her if she knew anything about Jesse and JD’s disappearance. She had never heard of them. I crossed her off my list of suspects.

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