A Beautiful Easter Gift

Easter Lily saw an older gentleman, Reggie, sitting on a park bench in the garden. He looked sad.

“Reggie,” said Easter Lily. “You look very sad. What is going on? Where is your wife, Beth?”

“I am sad,” said Reggie. “Beth is at home sick and everything I try to do to cheer her up first isn’t working.”

“I am sorry to hear that Beth is sick,” said Easter Lily. “You do know that when people are sick, our minds don’t always think straight. We are focused on the pain our illness is causing.”

“Yes,” said Reggie, thinking about what Easter Lily told him. “You are right. I just need to give Beth the time she needs to heal.”

“That, right there, would be the most beautiful Easter gift you could give to Beth,” said Easter Lily.

Easter Lily was right. Reggie was more understanding with Beth while she was sick and that understanding actually helped Beth to get better quickly.

“Thank you,” said Reggie to Easter Lily. “Your guidance has helped.”

“I am happy for you and Beth,” said Easter Lilly. “Happy Easter!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have some understanding when people are sick.
  • Example: Reggie had more understanding when Beth was sick. She was able to get better quickly.

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