Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 4 – A Monster

Dear Diary,

This morning I looked in the mirror and I asked myself if I looked like the monster that everyone else would see if they saw me. I had to admit to myself that me not having any hair, having only my two teeth in the front and having sea-green coloured eyes probably did scare people. Despite that though, I don’t really think I am a bad person, let alone a monster. I may look different from everyone else and I may live my life differently but that to me does not make me a monster.

To me, a monster is a ruthless, diabolical character that kills and maims people just to see them suffer. I have never killed a single living soul ever. I have also never wanted to see anyone suffer.

Having said all that, how did I become labelled a monster. Well, that all came around shortly after the spell that was put on me by Helga, 160 years ago.

When Helga first cast that spell, I tried to continue to live a normal life but I noticed things around me started to fall apart. My friends started to become distant, my family up and left, my job at the bank suddenly ended and total strangers avoided me like the plague.

I started to realize that I was alone in this big world and that there was not a thing I could do to change it. After a while, the loneliness grew on me and I came to realize that I didn’t need anyone and that I was doing fine all on my own.

I have to admit that it was a tough transition to go from a well-respected business man, father, husband and brother to someone nobody cared about. I cried many, many nights during the first few years after the spell was cast on me. However, it did get easier with time.

It got easier for me to accept the fact that I was alone but with that realization came the enjoyment I felt knowing that I could make my own rules, eat whatever and whenever I wanted, go to bed and wake up whenever I wanted and bath or shower when I felt like it. I could just live life that way I wanted.


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