Missing Reindeer

Evil Elf was in his room when Santa Claus came in to visit him.

“Hi Santa,” said Evil Elf.

“Hi Evil Elf,” said Santa Claus. “We need to talk.”

“What about?” asked Evil Elf.

“Well there have been rumours that something bad is going to happen on Christmas Eve,” said Santa. “And there have been rumours that you are going to be the one that is going to do that something bad.”

“Santa,” said Evil Elf. “Just because my name is Evil Elf, doesn’t mean that I am going to do something bad. I am not an evil person.”

“Okay,” said Santa. “I believe you.”

Santa left Evil Elf’s bedroom and Evil Elf just started laughing and laughing.

“I fooled Santa Claus,” said Evil Elf. “I am planning something evil on Christmas Eve. I am planning to hide Santa’s reindeer.”

A few days before Christmas Eve came, Evil Elf went down to the barn. He was shocked at what he found. In the barn, there was no sign of any reindeer at all.

“Santa!” shouted Evil Elf. “Where are the reindeer?”

“Settle down Evil Elf,” said Santa Claus. “The reindeer are in the barn.”

“I was just down at the barn,” said Evil Elf. “The reindeer are not there.”

“Well,” said Santa. “That is correct. The reindeer are not there. I had them moved to another barn.”

“You did?” asked Evil Elf. “Why?”

“Yes,” said Santa. “I did and the reason I did is because I knew you were going to hide them on me.”

“Oh,” said Evil Elf. “How did you know?”

“I think you are forgetting one very important thing,” said Santa. “You can’t fool me at all. I am Santa Claus remember. I know everything that you think and everything that you do.”

“Oh,” said Evil Elf, ashamed. “I suppose you are going to fire me now?”

“No,” said Santa Claus. “I’m not going to fire you but you had just better behave yourself or the next bad thing you think or do, you will be fired.”

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