Christmas Sing-A-Long

Billy Troll was working on his new Christmas song when his wife, Dianne, came into the room.

“How does this sound so far?” asked Billy. “Christmas Day is for family and friends to laugh and cry. Christmas Day is for everyone to share and try. In this tough old world of ours we must get along. So, let’s all get together and sing this song.”

“Oh Billy,” said Dianne. “That is amazing.”

“You think so,” said Billy.

“Oh yes,” said Dianne. “Christmas Day is for the homeless to be remembered and fed. Christmas Day is for our decorations to be green and red. Christmas Day is for everyone to listen and be heard. So, let’s all get together and sing the joyful word.”

“Amazing Dianne,” said Billy. “That is totally amazing. Do you mind if I use that in my song?”

“Not at all,” said Dianne. “It just came to me off the top of my head.”

Billy’s niece, Suzie Troll, came over for a visit the next morning and Billy sang her his verse and Dianne’s verse of the new Christmas song.

“Really nice,” said Suzie. “Christmas Day is for the children to be loved and blessed. Christmas Day is for no-one to be stressed. We must learn to share our love and joy with others. Let’s all get together and sing our best for our Mothers.”

“Oh wow!” exclaimed Billy. “Suzie that was awesome. Now I wrote the first verse, Dianne wrote the second and you wrote the third.”

“I’ve got an idea,” said Suzie. “Since we all collaborated on this song, why don’t we all get together and sing it as a trio.”

“Yes,” said Billy. “Let’s do that. We can do this song as the closing piece for the Christmas concert in Troll Town Park.”

“Yes,” said Suzie. “That would be awesome.”

Billy and Suzie had a bit of a hard time convincing Dianne to get up on stage with them and sing but she did agree to do it. Billy, Dianne and Suzie were a big hit with their new song at the Christmas concert in Troll Town. Everyone loved it.

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