A Christmas with no Money

Poor Mountain Mother got up early one morning, about a week before Christmas. She was waiting anxiously for Poor Mountain Father to get up. She wanted to discuss Christmas with him before the children woke up.

Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Father just realized that they were not going to have any money for Christmas gifts this year. Poor Mountain Father got laid off unexpectedly from work about a week ago.

“Good morning dear,” said Poor Mountain Mother, pouring Poor Mountain Father a cup of coffee.

“Good morning,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“I have come up with an idea for Christmas,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “And, it won’t even cost us anything.”

“I’m all ears,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “You are off work from now until at least the week after Christmas. Why don’t we make gifts for the children? We have plenty of material around to do it and I know the children would treasure a hand-made gift more than a purchased gift.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “That is a wonderful idea.”

“I have an idea of what we could make them too,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “I know that Poor Mountain Sister has been wanting a chest of drawers with a mirror on it and Poor Mountain Brother needs a new desk.”

“Those are wonderful ideas,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I’m going to get started on them right away.”

“Once the children leave for school I will come out and help,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“What are we going to get Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Mother for Christmas?” asked Poor Mountain Brother to Poor Mountain Sister, one day on their way to school.

“I could make Poor Mountain Mother a new apron in sewing class,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“I could make Poor Mountain Father a new tool belt,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Mother worked very hard over that next week making the chest of drawers and the desk for their children for Christmas. The children did not have any idea whatsoever what their parents were doing for them. Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister worked very hard on the gifts for their parents too.

Christmas morning came and there was not a dry eye in the house. Everyone knew that there was no money to be had and yet they all seemed to manage to get exactly what they wanted for Christmas. The Poor Mountain Family cherished their Christmas gifts that year for years and years to come because they all knew that nothing but pure love was put into each and every bit of them.

Moral of this Story:

    • Money isn’t everything.
    • Example: The Poor Mountain Family didn’t have money but they did manage to get what they wanted for Christmas.
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