Christmas Gifts

Silly Snake went to the mall one Saturday afternoon with his mother. They were Christmas shopping.

“It is fun going Christmas shopping,” said Silly Snake.

“Yes,” said Mother. “It is, isn’t it? Just look at all the Christmas decorations all over the mall.”

“It puts me in the Christmas spirit,” said Silly Snake.

“Me too,” said Mother. “Listen, what do you want for Christmas?”

“Hmmmm,” said Silly Snake. “I think I would really like to have that winter coat we saw in that department store.”

“But Silly Snake,” said Mother. “That coat just didn’t look warm enough.”

“All my friends have coats just like it,” said Silly Snake. “Please Mother, please, can I have that for Christmas?”

“We’ll see,” said Mother.

Silly Snake knew that when his Mother said “we’ll see” that usually meant no. Silly Snake knew he wasn’t getting the coat he wanted for Christmas. He knew which coat he was going to get. He didn’t like it much but he knew his Mother meant well.

Silly Snake and Mother finished their Christmas shopping. Silly Snake bought his Mother a very nice necklace for Christmas, in fact, it was the very necklace that she wanted.

Christmas morning came and Silly Snake gave his Mother the necklace he had purchased for her.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mother. “Silly Snake, this is absolutely beautiful and it happens to be the one I wanted too. I love it very much. Thank you.”

“You are welcome,” said Silly Snake.

Mother pointed to a parcel under the tree.

“That parcel is for you,” said Mother. “Go open it up.”

Silly Snake opened up the parcel and was shocked when he saw what was inside of it.

“Oh Mother!” exclaimed Silly Snake. “That is the exact coat that I wanted. Oh, thank you so much!”

“You are very welcome,” said Mother.

“But I don’t get it,” said Silly Snake. “I really didn’t think you were going to get this coat for me.”

“I thought that I should just get you what you wanted,” said Mother. “I usually get you what I think you should have instead of what you want and I got thinking that really isn’t fair to you. After all, every year, you have always gotten me what I wanted for Christmas.”

“Mother,” said Silly Snake, kissing her on the cheek. “Thank you so much!”

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