Forgetful Fred Forgets the Christmas Turkey

Forgetful Fred was sitting on the couch on Christmas Eve. He had just eaten dinner and wanted to relax. His wife, Sarah, was in the kitchen, getting things prepared for Christmas dinner the next day.

“Dear,” said Sarah. “Could you go to the freezer in the basement and get me the Christmas turkey?”

“Yes,” said Forgetful Fred, getting up off the couch to get the turkey. “I will.”

Forgetful Fred got halfway down the basement steps, when he all of a sudden remembered that he forgot to pick up the Christmas turkey at the butcher shop on the way home the other night.

“Oh Sarah is going to be so mad at me,” said Forgetful Fred. “Whatever will I do?”

Forgetful Fred went back upstairs into the kitchen. He saw Sarah putting some dishes away.

“Where is the turkey?” asked Sarah. “Don’t tell me you forgot what you went to the freezer for?”

“No,” said Forgetful Fred. “That isn’t what I forgot. I forgot to….”

“You forgot to pick up the turkey at the butcher shop,” said Sarah. “Yesterday, the butcher called me and told me our turkey was still there, so I went into town and picked it up. The turkey is in the freezer.”

Forgetful Fred went downstairs again and sure enough, there was a turkey in the freezer.

“I’m so sorry,” said Forgetful Fred, now feeling like helping Sarah in the kitchen.

“It is okay,” said Sarah. “At least we have the turkey here.”

“Yes,” said Forgetful Fred. “No thanks to me.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Sarah. “We all forget things at times.”

Forgetful Fred felt really bad about the fact that he could have ruined their Christmas dinner. He was very helpful to Sarah in getting Christmas dinner prepared. He even offered to wash the dishes that night.

“Thank you for washing the dishes and helping me out in the kitchen,” said Sarah.

“You are welcome,” said Forgetful Fred. “It is the least I could do.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Sarah, grabbing her coat and running out the door. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” asked Forgetful Fred.

“To the mall,” said Sarah.

“At this hour of the evening,” said Forgetful Fred.

“Yes,” said Sarah. “I forgot to pick up your Christmas gift.”

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