A Winter Icicle

“I see we are in the depths of winter,” said Harris, an outdoorsman that typically loves winter. “It is bitterly cold out here today.”

Harris pulled the collar of his winter parka in as close to his face and neck as he could. He needed to stay as warm as he could.

“That wind is biting right through me,” said Harris. “Normally I can withstand the cold but this is even too cold for me.”

“What do you mean?” Harris heard a voice from behind him. “I thought a big strong man like you could withstand the cold.”

Harris turned around. He knew who was talking to him but he was surprised this character was out in this cold.

“Ice Bird,” said Harris. “What are you doing out here? It is brutally cold. I am feeling it and you must be too.”

“I am feeling it,” admitted Ice Bird. “But it isn’t all that bad.”

“Don’t try to be a hero on my account,” said Harris. “Go get in out of the cold.”

“I am fine,” said Ice Bird. “You seem to forget that I love winter.”

“I haven’t forgotten,” said Harris. “I know you love winter but there comes a time when, even you, has to admit this winter is the worst yet.”

“I do admit it,” said Ice Bird.

“If you aren’t going to get indoors out of this brutally cold weather,” said Harris. “Then I will take you with me.”

Harris reached out and grabbed Ice Bird and put him in the pocket of his parka.

“You can thank me anytime,” said Harris. “I saw your feathers turning into icicles. I know you were cold.”

“Alright,” said Ice Bird, enjoying the warmth in Harris’ pocket. “I admit I was freezing. Thank you for getting me out of the cold. That was brutal.”

Harris took Ice Bird home with him and he saw Ice Bird was enjoying the warmth.

“Thank you,” said Ice Bird, once that cold spell was over. “I do appreciate what you did for me.”

“You are welcome,” said Harris. “And, don’t worry. It will be our little secret that neither of us could handle this cold.”

“Good,” said Ice Bird. “I know I don’t want my reputation soiled and I know you won’t want yours soiled either.”

“Definitely not,” said Harris.


Moral of this Story:

  • Even the most rugged of men will give into Canada’s severe winter weather.
  • Example: Harris, an outdoors man, couldn’t stand the severe winter weather.

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