Too Close for Comfort

Finley the Forklift Driver showed up for work one morning and while walking through the warehouse to punch in, he saw his co-worker, Justin talking with their supervisor, Brad. Finley looked up at the crates that were stacked up to the ceiling. He noticed one of the crates was wobbling.

“Look out!” Finley shouted to Justin and Brad. “That crate is coming down!”

Justin and Brad jumped out of the way, just in time to see the crate splatter to the ground.

“Oh my!” screamed Justin. “Thank goodness Finley came in when he did. That could have been our heads.”

“Yes,” said Brad. “Finley, you just saved our lives. That would have been a disaster!”

“I think we need to go around and check the other crates here,” said Finley.

“Why don’t Justin and I do that while you get on the forklift and straighten out this stack,” said Brad.

“Good idea,” said Justin. “I am much too shaky to get on a forklift right now. “

“I am too,” said Brad.

“We don’t need anymore near misses in here today,” said Finley.

“Definitely not,” said Brad. “We also don’t need any accidents because that was a close call.”

“Too close for comfort,” said Justin.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be aware of you surroundings.
  • Example: Finley the Forklift Driver noticed a crate that was about to fall. He saved the lives of one of his co-workers and his supervisor.

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