A Prairie Dog Trick

It was coming up to Groundhog Day. Peter Prairie Dog was seething in jealousy. He never understood why prairie dogs weren’t picked to predict spring.

“I am so jealous,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “I want to be the one that gets to predict when spring will be here. I have to do something about this. I can’t just sit around and let that groundhog take all the credit.”

Peter Prairie Dog snuck into the groundhogs den. He changed the groundhog’s alarm so that the groundhog would wake up a day late.

“That should do it,” said Peter Prairie Dog.

Groundhog Day came and it was a very cold day. Peter Prairie Dog stepped out of his hole. He saw a large crowd gathered around the groundhog’s hole. He made some noise with a fallen tree branch so that the crowd would see him.

“A prairie dog,” the crowd pointed. “It doesn’t look like he saw his shadow. That means an early spring.”

“Can we trust his prediction?” someone from the crowd asked. “He is, after all, just a prairie dog.”

“I think we can,” someone else said. “Besides, where is the groundhog?”

The crowd cheered. Unfortunately though, their cheering woke up the groundhog.

“What is going on?” asked the groundhog, poking his head out of his hole. “Groundhog Day isn’t until tomorrow.”

The groundhog saw his shadow and scurried down into his hole as quickly as he could. He didn’t even wait around for an answer to his question.

“That’s it,” screamed the crowd. “It appears the prairie dog has the best prediction. Let’s officially go with his.”

Peter Prairie Dog felt bad about tricking the groundhog but he did, after all, have the best prediction.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to play tricks on people.
  • Example: Peter Prairie Dog played a trick on the groundhog just because he was jealous. His trick worked but he did feel bad afterwards.

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