Apartment 22 – An Empty Christmas

Lost Christmas Tree walked down the hallway in the Christmas Building. He saw there was only one more apartment for him to check to find out if that is where he is supposed to spend Christmas at. He held his breath as he knocked on the door to Apartment 22.

“This has to be it,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “I have checked all the other apartments. This is the only one left.”

While waiting for someone to answer the door, Lost Christmas Tree reflected on all the fun and wonderful Storyland characters he had encountered in the Christmas Building. He felt honoured that he was able to speak with them and get to know each one even though they had spent a very short time together.

Lost Christmas Tree held his breath as he knocked on the door a second time. He must have knocked a little harder this time because the door opened. Lost Christmas Tree felt his heart drop when he saw that Apartment 22 was completely empty.

“This can’t be!” cried Lost Christmas Tree. “I know I checked every apartment in this building. Where am I supposed to spend Christmas?”

Lost Christmas Tree stood out in the hallway, sobbing, He was very upset. He didn’t know what to do so he just stood there crying.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t good to give up.
  • Example: Lost Christmas Tree checked every apartment in the Christmas Building and he still didn’t find where he was supposed to spend Christmas at.

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