A Cheery Christmas

Lost Christmas Tree stood outside Apartment 22 sobbing his eyes out. He had searched every apartment in the Christmas Building to find out which apartment he was supposed to spend Christmas at. He found out that none of the apartments were the one. He was devastated.

“Lost Christmas Tree,” Lost Christmas Tree heard through his tears. “Come quick! I found out where you are supposed to spend Christmas.”

Through his tears Lost Christmas Tree saw the building manager waving to him.

“Come quick!” called the building manager.

Lost Christmas Tree walked over to where the building manager stood. He was in the lobby of the Christmas Building.

“This is where you are supposed to spend Christmas,” said the building manager, pointing to a spot in the lobby he had just cleared out. “You are to spend Christmas here in the lobby. You will be the center of attention.”

“This is perfect,” said Lost Christmas Tree, tears of joy streaming down his face. “I am so happy.”

Lost Christmas Tree stepped into the spot the building manager cleared out for him. It was perfect.

Standing in his spot, Lost Christmas Tree smiled and waved to the residents of the building, all of whom he already knew. He was so happy. This was the perfect place for him to spend Christmas.

“Merry Christmas,” waved Lost Christmas Tree. “Merry Christmas!”


Moral of this Story:

  • The perfect place will come along.
  • Example: Lost Christmas Tree found out he will be spending Christmas in the lobby of the Christmas Building.

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