Father’s Day for Billy Troll

“Today is Father’s Day,” said Dianne Troll, to her mother-in-law on the phone.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Troll. “It is Father’s Day. Do you and Billy have any plans for tonight?”

“I want to cook him his favourite lasagna,” said Dianne.

“Oh that sounds wonderful,” said Mrs. Troll. “How would you like Mr. Troll and I to babysit the children for you?”

“Are you sure?” asked Dianne. “The three of them can be quite the handful.”

“They won’t be a problem at all,” said Mrs. Troll. “We would love to have them.”

“Wonderful,” said Dianne.

Dianne took the children to her in-laws and then she went back home and started cooking. Billy was in the back of the house in his recording studio. He was recording a new album.

Dianne took her time cooking because she knew that Billy would be working quite late.

“Dinner is all cooked,” said Dianne, to herself, a few hours later. “Billy is still working. Maybe I will take dinner to him.”

Dianne made up two servings of the lasagna and took it into the recording studio.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Billy, happily. “I am starving but I still have more work to do on this song. Thank you so much for bringing this to me.”

“It is your Father’s Day dinner,” said Dianne. “I brought mine too. I thought we could eat together.”

“I can take a short break,” said Billy, feeling bad that Dianne went to all the trouble of cooking a special dinner for him but all he did was work late.

“Let’s eat!” exclaimed Dianne.

“Yes,” said Billy. “Let’s and after we eat, I want you to sing with me.”

“Oh Billy,” said Dianne.” You know I can’t sing very well.”

“No,” said Billy. “That is not true. You have the voice of an angel.”

“Oh Billy!” exclaimed Dianne. “You are so sweet. Thank you!”

“You are welcome,” said Billy. “I am not sweet. You are the sweet one. You went to all this trouble for Father’s Day for me and all I did was spend the day in the recording studio. I am sorry.”

“That is okay,” said Dianne. “We have the rest of the night together.”

Billy and Dianne ate their dinner. Dianne sang with Billy. It turned out even better than Billy anticipated. They spent the rest of the evening in the recording studio laughing and singing and enjoying each other’s company.

“Thank you for a wonderful Father’s Day,” said Billy. “You made it very special.”

“You are welcome,” said Dianne.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to appreciate what our loved ones do for us.
  • Example: Dianne Troll cooked a lasagna for Billy for Father’s Day but Billy spent the whole day in his recording studio.

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