“M” is for Mother’s Day Memory

“It is Mother’s Day,” said Alphabet Allie to herself. “I want to do something special for Mother. ‘M’ is for Mother and also for Mother’s Day.”

Alphabet Allie thought that it would be nice to make Mother a Mother’s Day card.

“Mother would love for me to make her a Mother’s Day card,” thought Alphabet Allie and then she turned to her Mother. “Mother, may I please borrow the scissors and the markers? ‘M’ is for make, may and also for markers.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “You may borrow the scissors and the markers, as long as you don’t make a mess. ‘M’ is for mess.”

“I won’t make a mess,” said Alphabet Allie. “I promise.”

Alphabet Allie carried the scissors and the markers carefully into her bedroom.

“I am going to draw a picture of a marigold on the front of the card,” said Alphabet Allie. “That is Mother’s favourite flower. ‘M’ is for marigold.”

After Alphabet Allie finished drawing the marigold, she wrote a message on the inside of the card.

“I want the message to be memorable and meaningful,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘M’ is for message, memorable and meaningful.”

Alphabet Allie gave Mother the card.

“What a beautiful memory this card is,” said Mother. “‘M’ is for memory.”

“Happy Mother’s Day!” exclaimed Alphabet Allie.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to make a Mother’s Day memory.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie made Mother a memorable Mother’s Day card.
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