Sam and George

“Hey Sam,” called George, a slim terrier. “You look ridiculous with that bone in your mouth.

“Oh yeah!” countered Sam, a bull-dog. “I’d like to see you carry this bone around.”

“I could,” said George. “I just don’t want to.”

“Boy,” said Sam. “Ever since that rich family adopted you, you sure have changed. I can remember a time when we did everything together.”

“It’s not so bad having a real family,” said George. “As a matter of fact, it’s kind of fun.”

“Fun!” laughed Sam. “You don’t know what fun is anymore.”

“Oh Sam,” said George. “It’s great having a family around. I get fed whenever I’m hungry. I get hugged whenever I’m feeling blue.”

“Don’t forget that you get left out whenever something goes wrong,” said Sam.

“Not everyone is mean,” said George, knowing that Sam was referring to the time he did have a family. “There are some nice people in this world, you know.”

“Oh George,” said Sam. “They’ve got you believing in them already. That’s a bad sign, little buddy.”

“Sam, you’ve got to get rid of this negative attitude that you have about everyone,” said George.

“I can’t help the way that I feel,” said Sam, sadly. “Once you’ve been abused by someone that you thought loved you, you find it very difficult to love anyone ever again.”

“Hey, Sam,” said George, trying to change the subject and cheer his old friend up. “Let’s say we have a game of catch the bone.”

“Okay buddy,” said Sam. “This one’s for old times sake.”

Sam dropped the bone from his mouth.

“On the count of four,” said Sam. “One, two, three, four.”

On the count of four, Sam and George both rushed for the bone. It just so happened that they both reached the bone at the same time. For a moment, the two friends stood together, each with one end of the bone in their mouths.

“Hey look,” Sam and George heard a little girl call. “Betsy, it’s George, and look he has a friend with him.”

Sally, George’s new owner and Betsy, Sally’s friend, walked up to the two dogs.

“You know,” said Betsy, holding one hand out to Sam. “He sure looks like a nice dog.”

“Yes he does,” said Sally.

Betsy fell in love with Sam immediately.

“I wonder if he has a home,” said Betsy.

“Probably not,” said Sally. “I don’t see any tags on him at all.”

“I wonder if Daddy will let me keep him,” said Betsy.

“Let’s go ask,” said Sally.

Betsy and Sally both disappeared. They returned a few minutes later, with Betsy’s Dad.

“See what a nice dog he is, Daddy,” said Betsy. “Can we keep him?”

“Having a dog is a lot of work,” said Betsy’s Dad. “You have to promise to look after him.”

“Oh Daddy,” said Betsy. “I will! I will!”

“Look at that,” said George. “Sam, it looks like you have a new home.”

“Maybe this won’t be so bad after all,” said Sam, while being petted under his chin by Betsy. “I think that I could get used to this!”

“That a boy, Sam,” said George, smiling.

“Come on Rosie,” said Betsy. “You’re coming home with me!”

“Oh what a cute name!” laughed George.

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