Dolly Cranberry at the Garden Gate

Dolly Cranberry at the Garden Gate …

“There is a woman at the garden gates,” said Mrs. Tomato. “She looks lost.”

“I will go talk to her,” said Christopher Corn.

Christopher Corn walked over to the garden gate. He was shocked to see Dolores O’ Riordan, the lead singer for the band, The Cranberries, standing at the gate.

“Hello,” said Dolores, frightened. “I am not sure what I am doing here. I thought I was going to heaven.”

“You are much too young to be here or in heaven,” said Christopher.

“My life on earth has ended,” said Dolores. “I really don’t want to discuss the details.”

“That is totally up to you,” said Christopher.

“So,” said Dolores.” What am I doing here?”

Christopher opened the garden gate and let Dolores into the garden.

“Oh my!” cried Dolores, suddenly recognizing Christopher. “You are Chris Cornell!”

“Chris Cornell was my Earth name,” said Christopher. “Here in the garden I am known as Christopher Corn. My band’s name here is called Loud Garden.”

“You mean you are allowed to play music here,” said Dolores.

“Yes,” said Christopher. “And you will be able to as well. Farmer Fred will give you a garden name and he will have a band for you as well.”

“I thought I was never going to play music ever again,” said Dolores. “This is awesome. So, who is Farmer Fred?”

“Farmer Fred owns this garden,” explained Christopher. “When my life on Earth ended, I was struck by lightning and that lightning turned me into this cob of corn. Farmer Fred gave me my garden name and my friends and I created our band Loud Garden.”

“Are you and your band the only ones here?” asked Dolores.

“No,” said Christopher. “Farmer Fred decided to open up the garden to other influential musicians whose Earth lives have ended. Chard Benning (Earth name – Chester Bennington) came to the garden
on July 20, 2017, Tommy Potato (Earth name – Tom Petty) came here on October 2, 2017, Gourd (Earth name – Gord Downie) came here on October 17, 2017, LiMa Bean Young (Earth name – Malcolm Young) came here on November 18, 2017, and Melon T. (Earth name – Mel Tillis) came here on November 19, 2017.”

“Those are some very influential names in music,” said Dolores.

“I see you have met Dolores,” said Farmer Fred, who just noticed Christopher and Dolores talking at the garden gate. “Hi Dolores. I am Farmer Fred. Welcome to the Fresh Veggie Family. Your garden name is Dolly Cranberry. You will go by that name from this day forward. Your band is Cranberry Juice.”

“I am honoured to be here,” said Dolly. “I can’t wait to get settled in and start creating music. Thank you so much for this garden.”

“You are welcome,” said Farmer Fred. “I can’t wait to hear what you create here.”

“I really think I can come up with some very creative songs,” said Dolly.

“I am sure you will,” said Farmer Fred.

Farmer Fred left Dolly to get settled in. Christopher went to check on her about an hour later and her heard a voice singing coming from Dolly’s room.

“Veggies and fruits in my head,” sang Dolly. “In my head, they are real and they sing and they sing, in my head.”

“Oh,” said Christopher. “We are going to have so much talent here in the garden with you here.”

“Thank you,” said Dolly, blushing. “I didn’t think anyone was listening.”

“I just came by to make sure you are settling in,” said Christopher. “But I see you are settling in just fine.”

“Oh yes,” said Dolly, smiling. “This garden is going to get my creative juices flowing.”

Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be creative.
  • Example: Dolly Cranberry was creating songs within the first two hours of being in Fresh Veggie Garden.
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