Just Girlz Sign Their Contract

“Wow!” said Billy, glancing over Suzie’s contract, once Russell had left the restaurant. “You girls will be making almost as much money as I am!”

“Really!” exclaimed Crystal . “That is awesome!”

“Yes,” said Billy. “It is. Do you girls realize how good this contract is?”

“Yes we do Uncle Billy,” said Suzie. “It is amazing.”

“What is so amazing about it,” said Mollie. “Is the fact that Russell seems to have the exact same values that we do.”

“Yes,” said Marie. “He is really truly concerned about our education and that is wonderful.”

“Now,” said Billy. “We have tomorrow night’s concert and then we have a one week break. I suggest the four of you go home for that week, show the contract to your parents and get them to take it to their lawyers.”

“I’m going to get Mom and Dad to read it over as soon as I get back to the hotel room,” said Crystal .

Crystal ‘s parents had generously offered to become the Just Girlz road managers, taking the summer off work and renting a small tour bus.

“Good idea,” said Suzie.

“ Crystal ,” said her Mother, after reading the contract over. “We are so happy for you. This is wonderful news!”

“And,” said her father. “I’m very happy to see the clause that Mr. Solina put in your contract about education.”

“I knew that would please you,” said Crystal .

“Well,” said her Father. “We’ll get this to our lawyer first thing next week.”

The girls put on a superb concert that next evening. Then they were able to go home for one full week.

Their visits home were a little hectic, too short but good. It felt good to be back in their own bedrooms again but it also felt strange to them.

“I’m so proud of you,” said Suzie’s parents, when she showed them the contract.

“You deserve it,” said Mollie’s parents.

“You worked hard for this break,” said Marie’s parents.

The contracts were taken to each of the families lawyers and were signed. The four lawyers all agreed that this contract was a wonderful opportunity for the girls, considering how young they were.

The week flew by and soon the girls were back having dinner with Russell, signed contracts in hand.

“Congratulations,” said Russell, having looked over their signatures. “Welcome to the music industry.”

Russell proceeded to hand each of the girls a cheque in the amount of twenty-five thousand dollars.

“What is this for?” asked Mollie.

“It’s a signing bonus,” said Russell.

“You mean we can actually go and spend this,” said Crystal .

“Absolutely,” said Russell, laughing. “There is plenty more where that came from.”

“Cool,” said Crystal . “I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much money in my entire life.”

“Money is something you girls will never have to worry about again,” said Russell.

“What a nice feeling that is,” said Marie, looking at her cheque.

“The only thing I will stipulate with you girls,” said Russell. “Is that you must get your education and that we will deal with tomorrow morning.”

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