Just Girlz First Album

“Girls, girls!” cried Suzie, rushing into the hotel room. “We’re going into the recording studio this Friday! I just got off the phone with Russell.”

“What!” exclaimed Mollie, getting up from the sofa she was sitting on and dancing around the room. “This is wonderful news! Imagine our first album.”

“Excellent news!” exclaimed Marie. “This is great!”

“Oh wow!” exclaimed Crystal . “I think we need to celebrate!”

“Yes,” said Suzie. “I think Crystal is right.”

“Lets go out to dinner,” said Marie. ”A good Italian restaurant is in order.”

“Yes,” said Suzie. “Italian it is, but first, we have to think about a name for our album and then we have to give Russell a list of songs that we want to record by tomorrow afternoon.”

“Okay,” said Crystal . “How about something like Just Girlz, Just Fun.”

“No,” said Mollie. “How about Just Girlz, Just For You!”

“Perfect,” said Suzie. “Marie what do you think?”

“I love it,” said Marie. “Now, we should do a cover song for it, too.”

“I’ll work on that,” said Crystal .

“Okay,” said Suzie. “Are you sure you’ll have it ready by Friday?”

“Positive,” said Crystal . “It’s already mostly done and you girls already know it.”

“You’re talking about the Just Girlz song you wrote last week,” said Suzie.

“Yes,” said Crystal . “It needed another line too and ‘just for you’ is perfect.”

“Yes,” said Mollie, humming the song to herself. “That line will work beautifully.”

“Just Girlz,” sang Crystal . “We’re a rock ‘ roll band, Just Girlz, singing all over the land, just for you!”

“Perfect,” said Suzie. “Okay girls, that is one song. Now we need some more.”

“I think we should do ‘Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!” exclaimed Mollie. “ Crystal does such a good job with that song!”

“Yes,” said Marie. “We should definitely do that one. I love the solo Crystal does in the middle of that song. It is absolutely beautiful!”

“Definitely,” said Suzie. “Our fans love that one too! They would love it if we played that one two or three times during a concert.”

“And The River,” said Marie. “We’ve got to do that one.”

“Yes,” said Mollie. “That’s a good one.”

“Okay,” said Suzie. “That’s two songs so far.”

“The Lonely Road ,” said Marie. “We should do that one. “And I Don’t Have the Time. That’s another good one.”

“We should do that one,” said Crystal .

“Kneel Down and In My Mind are two more,” said Mollie. “Under My Wings and Kisses Forever.”

“Good,” said Suzie. “And how about Then and Now and oh, Crystal , what was the name of that song we did last week. You know, the one we had problems with and finally ironed out. We should do that one. It’s beautiful.”

“You mean my September 11 tribute, ‘Peace’?” asked Crystal .

“Yes,” said Suzie. “That is the one. Okay, that’s ten songs, so I think that pretty much does it.”

“This album is going to be packed with great songs,” said Mollie, looking over Suzie’s shoulder at the list that she had written out.”

“I think so,” said Suzie.

“Okay girls,” said Marie. “Our work is done. Now lets go eat. I’m starved!”

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