Meet the Happy Balloon Family

Welcome to the Meet the Happy Balloon Family page. As part of my Fun and Colourful Story Challenge 2017, I created the characters, the Happy Balloon Family. The Happy Balloon Family consist of Daddy Balloon, Mommy Balloon, Sissy Balloon and Baby Balloon.

Balloons are very bright and colourful and the Happy Balloon Family are no exception. Daddy Balloon is a blue colour, Mommy Balloon is pink, Sissy Balloon is red and Baby Balloon is green.

Children of all ages are fascinated by balloons. They love to watch them float through the air. They are mesmerized by the beautiful colours. The children of Storyland are no different. The Happy Balloon Family finds children watching them all day long. Children love to cheer and clap their hands when the see the Happy Balloon Family float by.

The Happy Balloon Family are a very happy family. They float through Storyland without a care in the world. They love to have a lot of fun together. They are a perfect family together. 

Storyland has lots of stories about the Happy Balloon Family for you to read, like and share.


Fact Card for Happy Balloon Family:

  • Date Created: November 20, 2017
  • City of Residence: Edmonton, Alberta
  • Type of Character: Family of Balloons
  • Marital Status: Daddy and Mommy Balloon are married
  • Character Traits: Fun and Loving
  • Favourite Quote: “Watch out for that tree!”

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