Lovable Viking’s Loving Family on Father’s Day

“There should be a day for us to honour our father’s,” said Vivian, Lovable Viking’s wife. “My father has been so good to me while I was growing up.”
“How about we have a Father’s Day once a year?” suggested Lovable Viking. “We could also have a day for Mother’s as well.”
“That would be wonderful, “said Vivian. “How about Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June.”
“Why May and June?” asked Lovable Viking.
“Mother loves May,” said Vivian. “It is her favourite month. It is when the flowers are in bloom and Mother loves flowers. June is Father’s favourite month. He loves the warm sun and in June, he doesn’t have to wear his big thick furs.”
“That makes sense,” said Lovable Viking. “I officially declare May will be Mother’s Day and June will be Father’s Day.”
“Mother and Father will be thrilled,” said Vivian. “So will all the other parents in Tara. I do have a question though?”
“What is your question, dear?” asked Lovable Viking.
“How come you never talk about your parents?” asked Vivian.
“Now that we are married,” said Lovable Viking. “I guess I should tell you about my parents.”

Lovable Viking explained to Vivian how he came home from a raid one day about four years ago and he found both of his parents gone.
“Oh dear,” said Vivian.” Now I understand why you never want to talk about it. That must have been horrible for you.”
“It was,” said Lovable Viking. “I searched for them for years and I have not found a single trace of either of them.”
“Do you think they are still alive?” asked Vivian.
“Yes,” said Lovable Viking. “I do. I think I would know deep down in my heart if something bad happened.”
“Never give up hope,” said Vivian.
“No,” said Lovable Viking. “I won’t. I am hoping someday they will come back to Tara.”
“I hope so too,” said Vivian.
Later that day, Lovable Viking’s crewmates, Benjamin and Franklin stopped by.
“Boss,” said Benjamin. “We heard there is a castle located in a small village to the north. We should raid it. I heard there are a lot of jewels hidden there.”

“I didn’t know there was a village to the north,” said Lovable Viking. “I think we should go and check it out. Let’s go.”
Lovable Viking, Benjamin and Franklin set sail and headed north. They traveled the shoreline for half a day. Benjamin pointed to an inlet on the right.
“I’ve never noticed that inlet before,” said Lovable Viking.
“It is very well hidden,” said Benjamin.
“Normally we don’t follow the shoreline so close,” said Franklin.
“Good point,” said Lovable Viking.
It wasn’t long until they saw the castle up ahead. They didn’t see any guards. They figured this was going to be an easy raid.
“This castle is so well hidden,” said Lovable Viking. “They probably would never expect anyone to find them.”
“This should be fast and easy,” said Franklin.
Lovable Viking, Benjamin and Franklin walked along the edge of a line of tall trees. They saw a walkway leading up to the castle’s front entrance. They could see the doors were wide open.

“Let’s just walk in,” said Lovable Viking. “Follow me.”
Lovable Viking couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the inside of the castle. It was the most beautiful castle he had ever seen. The walls were lined with gold.
“Mister,” said a little girl when she saw the three Vikings. “Why are you inside? Everyone else is outside in the courtyard.”
“We will be out in a minute dear,” said Lovable Viking. “We were told there were jewels inside. We want to see them. Do you know where they are?”
“I would show you,” said the little girl. “But, I have to get back outside.”
“Just tell us,” said Lovable Viking. “We can find them on our own.”
“Go down this hallway and then down a few stairs,” said the little girl.
“Thank you,” said Lovable Viking.
The little girl left. Lovable Viking, Benjamin and Franklin walked quickly down the hall and down the stairs. They found themselves in a dungeon. It was dark and musty.

Lovable Viking could see a group of people staring at him through some iron bars. He was going to turn around and leave.
“Help us,” said a voice from inside the iron bars. “We have been locked in this dungeon for years.”
“How many are there of you?” asked Lovable Viking.
‘There are twelve of us,” said the voice. “Six men and six women.”
Franklin saw a set of keys hanging on a hook on the opposite wall. He took them down and tried each key in the lock. The fourth key opened it up.
Six men and six women walked out of the dungeon in single file.
“Mother!” cried Lovable Viking, recognizing her right away, even though she had aged.
“Son!” Mother cried. “Is that really you?”
“Yes Mother,” said Lovable Viking, tears running down his cheeks. “It is me.”
“Your father and I always knew you would find us,” said Mother.
Lovable Viking hugged his mother, both had tears streaming down their faces. He felt a tap on his shoulder and was so happy to see his father standing there.
“Father!” cried Lovable Viking, hugging his father. “I never gave up hope of finding you.”
“Boss,” said Benjamin. “We should get these people out of here while everyone else is still outside.”

“Good idea,” said Lovable Viking.
Quietly and quickly, the Vikings helped the prisoners escape. They walked up the stairs, up the hallway and outside. Once outside, they walked as fast as they could manage, to the ship. Not a single person stopped them.
“Should we go back and get some jewels?” asked Benjamin.
“I don’t think we should risk it,” said Lovable Viking. “We were very lucky nobody saw us except for that little girl and she was so intent on getting back outside that I bet she forgot all about seeing us. Besides, I was given the best jewels of all, my long lost parents.”
“Very true,” said Benjamin.
Lovable Viking learned his parents were taken away in the middle of the night, almost four years ago. They were blindfolded and taken to that hidden castle. They said they were treated fairly. They were fed well. They were just not allowed to leave the dungeon.

Lovable Viking did not understand why they were locked up in that dungeon for all those years.
“It makes no sense,” said Lovable Viking.
“Listen son,” said Mother. “I know you are going to want revenge but it is over now. We are free and we are headed home. Let’s forget about trying to get revenge.”
“Besides,” said Father. “We don’t want them to come back looking for us.”
“Okay,” said Lovable Viking.” I won’t seek revenge because I never want you and Mother to have to live like that ever again.”
“Thank you son,” said Mother, hugging him tightly.
Lovable Viking took his parents back to Tara. The other prisoners were from other territories. Lovable Viking told them they could stay in Tara until they got their strength up enough to travel far distances. He promised them that once they were strong enough to sail, he would make sure they all got home.

Lovable Viking told his parents that he was married and that he and Vivian were expecting a baby in the next few months.
“What wonderful news!” cried Mother.
“We not only found our son,” said Father, with tears in his eyes. “We have found a whole new family.”
“You will love Vivian,” said Lovable Viking.
“I am sure we will,” said Mother.
Lovable Viking took his parents to his house. Vivian was so happy that he finally found his parents.
“What day is today?” asked Vivian.
“It is the end of May,” said Lovable Viking. “Why?”
“Well,” said Vivian. “I think we will celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on the same day this year and next year we will have it on proper days.”
“That sounds wonderful,” said Lovable Viking.
“What is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?” asked Mother. “I have never heard of them before.”

“They are days meant to honour our parents,” explained Vivian. “They are brand new.”
“Vivian came up with the idea just before we left on this raid,” said Lovable Viking.
“I love the idea,” said Mother.
“Let me be the very first person to wish their mother happy Mother’s Day and the first to wish their Father, happy Father’s Day,” said Lovable Viking. “Happy Mother’s Day, Mother and happy Father’s Day, Father.”
“You know,” said Mother.” Next year we can wish the two of you happy Mother’s Day and happy Father’s Day.”
“You are right,” said Lovable Viking. “I never thought of that.”
“Either did I,” said Vivian. “But you are right. We are going to be parents in a few more months.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Never give up hope in something you believe in.
  • Example: Lovable Viking never gave up hope that he would find his parents.
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